15v15 Glory Series Qualifiers – Delayed


With the Glory Series Qualifiers starting this weekend, G4G has gradually been rolling the full English version of it’s website, while this is great news for international players, this process has unfortunately unveiled some glitches in the sign-up process on their website. While these issues have been resolved today, they have provided big issues for the 15v15 portion of the event and the teams attempting to get all their players signed up this week.

After a lot of consideration from both the ESB and G4G staff, and in an effort to provide the best possible event for the community, we have decided to delay the start of the 15v15 Qualifiers by 2 weeks. This means that the first day of qualifiers for 15v15’s will be on June 15th. Below you will find the updated poster with the new dates. We advise that teams planning in playing in this category of the qualifiers continue signing up their players in the coming weeks.

With this said, the 5v5 NA and EU categories of the qualifiers will keep running as previously indicated, and we encourage every team to participate even if 5v5 game modes aren’t your preference of choice. You may find an initial list of sponsors by clicking HERE.

For more information on signing up and everything else you need to know about the Glory Series, click HERE.

As always for any questions related to the event or any help you may require don’t hesitate to contact our Community Managers below:

Global Community Manager – Saint

North American Community Manager – Krivo

German Community Manager – Gonzo

French Manager – SirJohn

If you haven’t received the verification email (make sure to have checked your spam folders), otherwise send an email to contact@glory4gamers.com with your username and explaining you didn’t get the verification and they will fix it for you. This issue should only regard players who signed up prior to today.


We would also like to take this time to briefly inform the community that we are also working with one of our partners to bring a 15v15 Conquest ladder to life with ESB Rules and non-player admins. We will be releasing more detailed information regarding this in the coming weeks.


GlorySeries Qualifiers Poster Updated15's