A 5v5 Domination Ladder is here!


A Ladder? Why now?

We’ve been working with Battlefy since 2014 to bring a lot of our events to life, and Battlefy has recently been developing their own ladder system. This feature is still in an Alpha state and Battlefy needs all the help possible to both test it out and gather data on how teams use and interact with it.

Since there is now a small break after Season 2 and leading into Season 3, our match_finder channels on discord are still as active as ever, and we’re announcing the arrival of ESB Points, we have decided to launch a 5v5 Domination Ladder on PlayStation 4 for the European region. However, don’t worry, are you in another region or platform and would still like to participate? Please fill out the form below, and if we gather enough interest for specific regions/platforms we’ll host ladders there as well in the coming weeks.

Click HERE for the FORM.


When is the ladder?

Main Ladder

Starts – Friday December 29th 2017 06:00 PM CET

Ends – Friday February 9th 2018 02:00 AM CET


Quarter-Finals – February 10th-11th 2018

Semi-Finals – February 10th-11th 2018

Finals – February 18th 2018


Please note that match-making is only available every day from 06:00 PM – 02:00 AM CET


How do I sign-up?

To sign your team up you will need to head over to the tournament page via the link below, create your team on Battlefy if you haven’t already and complete the registration process for the event.
Tournament Page: https://battlefy.com/esb-international/ps4-5v5-domination-eu-winter-ladder/5a380836fd3e7503553ecc19/info


Important Information

  • You must create your team on https://esport-battlefield.com/teams/ and link it in the specific registration field in order to obtain ESB points throughout this event.
  • Players must be present on your Battlefy team roster for this event to be eligible to play
  • Team captains will be required to join the ESB Discord server: https://discord.gg/NVCcXmy
  • Any and all roster changes must be communicated to ESB_Admin#1263 (Discord ID) via a private message on Discord by one of the assigned team representatives.
  • The matchmaking system never pairs the same two teams twice in a row
  • Your team will need to play at least 15 matches in order to be eligible for Playoffs
  • The main ranking criteria is: Win-Loss differential
  • Make sure you understand the Map Veto system present in section 1.2 of the rules, including the weekly banned maps.
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