5v5 Events – Summer 2014

5v5 Events – Summer 2014

We’re already a good halfway through the summer and a lot of new events, both offline and online are coming up or have just started. In this article we will do our best to give you a summary of how each one works, and links to sign up.

5v5 PS4 EU LAN Event by EuGamingOrganisation

From the 23rd-24th of August EuGamingOrganization will be hosting a Battlefield 4 PlayStation 4 LAN event in Bruxelles. This event will be open to all teams! The team ticket costs 180 Euros and details on making the reservation and payment for your team can be found HERE. For more information about the event, including teams currently trying to attend, click on the image below. 



5v5 PS4 & XBOX One Domination Ladder by Consoles.net

This week CSL has launched a 5v5 Domination ladder on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Both ladders will be using the ESB Ruleset. In addition to this, we are proud to announce that the ESB Ruleset has now become the standard on all future CSL Battlefield 4 events. We hope this will encourage more and more teams to attend and contribute to our ESB Councils in the future.

Xbox One Ladder Sign-up

Playstation 4 Ladder Sign-up


For more news from CSL including info and links to the new 15v15 Conquest ladder hosted in collaboration with ESB International, click the image above.

5v5 Domination Summer League by Glory4Gamers.com

After an intense 2013 edition, the SUMMER LEAGUE is back on track and is about to set your summer on fire!

From July 21st to August 17th, take part in all the the Glory4Gamers flagship eSport disciplines in solo or with your team and try to claim the jackpot! Each discipline features a series of weekly ODCs (One Day Cups) in which you can accumulate points based on your placement in each. The teams with the most points will advance to the Grand Final.

More than 3000 euros are waiting for you across multiple games at the end of this tournament that will make the best players compete during the Great Final planned between August 25th and August 31st.

As if summer was not hot enough…

Click HERE to redirect to the Summer League event page.

If you need help signing your team up on Glory4Gamers.com, watch the video guide below to sign up in just 5 minutes!


This should be enough events to keep everyone busy and excited for Battlefield eSports for the next couple on months. Don’t forget to regularly follow the Glory Series and Game Center and cheer for your favorite team.

 View the current League Tables and upcoming fixtures HERE.


As always, don’t hesitate to message us on twitter for any questions.