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ESB & G4G – 5v5 Incursions Championship

ESB & G4G – 5v5 Incursions Championship


With Incursions now available to everyone, and Battlefield 1 finally having a competitive mode out, it was time to relaunch some events with our long-time partner Glory4Gamers. What better way to kick things off again than with a European Championship? Three European Championships! Players on PC , X1, and PS4 will be able to compete against the best and have a shot at being crowned EU Champion.

In this article you will find all the information you need to qualify and participate in the event, and don’t forget that sign-ups are already open!

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Prizes & Regions:

Our Incursions Championship will feature a 2,000€ Prizepool spread on PS4, PC and X1 as follows:
  • Battlefield 1 – 5v5 Incursions – PS4 EU – 1,000€ Prizepool
  • Battlefield 1 – 5v5 Incurisons – PC EU – 500€ Prizepool
  • Battlefield 1 – 5v5 Incurisons – X1 EU – 500€ Prizepool



There will be 5 Qualifiers for each Platform/Region (Note: X1 will only have 3 Qualifiers). The Qualifiers have a One Day Cup, single elimination bracket format. For each qualifier you participate in, based on how well your team does, you will be earning qualifying points for the real thing. After all the qualifiers are over, the Top 8 teams on each platform will be invited to the Weekend Playoff event for a chance to win the assigned prize-pool.

  • 1st100pts
  • 2nd75pts
  • 3rd50pts
  • 4th35pts
  • 5th-8th20pts
  • 9th-16th10pts
  • 17th-32nd5pts
  • 33rd-64th2pts



Qualifying Cup Series:

  • One Day Cup #1:
    • European Qualifier #1
    • (PS4/PC) Saturday May 12th
  • One Day Cup #2:
    • European Qualifier #2
    • (PS4/PC) Saturday May 19th
  • One Day Cup #3:
    • European Qualifier #3
    • (PS4/X1) Sunday May 27th
    • (PC) Wednesday May 30th
  • One Day Cup #4:
    • European Qualifier #4
    • (PS4/X1) Sunday June 3rd
    • (PC) Wednesday June 6th
  • One Day Cup #5:
    • European Qualifier #5
    • (PS4/x1) Sunday June 10th
    • (PC) Wednesday June 13th


  • Weekend Event
    • Saturday June 16th -Sunday June 17th
    • Top 8 Teams from each Platform Qualify
    • European Championship (PS4/PC/X1)





Note: The Qualifiers will run through Glory4Gamers, which means you must create your team there and sign-up for each qualifier individually if you wish to participate.






Points earned by each team, divided by each platform will be displayed here.
Note: Until Monday May 14th 2018 this section will remain empty.

PS4 EU – 5v5 Incursions

RankTeam NameWinsPointsQualifiers Played
2ApeX e-Sports83104
4Lone Wolves41855
5FROGGIES Esport21354
6Strangers with Candy31254
7Team Vertex01005
8Team Hazard3852
9Prototype By Irae1702
10FAB GAMES E-Sports0603
11Virtual Team eSports0201


Glory4Gamers – Team Creation

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Glory4Gamers – Event Registration

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F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I need to play all the qualifier events?
    • Teams aren’t required to play all qualifiers. We however recommend playing them all if your team wishes to have a higher chance of finishing in the top 8 and take part in the playoffs.
  • Can we change the roster between qualifiers?
    • Rosters may be switched up between the qualifiers, however at least 3 players must be the same throughout qualifiers.
  • How will the prize-pool be distributed?
    • The final prize-pool for each championship will be winner-takes all.








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