5v5 Winter Championship Final – Insight Gaming vs Team United

ESB is proud to present it’s 5v5 Winter Championship on Battlefield 4 for PlayStation 4. A weekend event from December 13th-14th in which 32 Teams faced off to win 670 Euros in cash and prizes. The tournament features a mix of Domination and Obliteration Competitive.

This is our biggest event so far thanks to our partner and event sponsor eSportsify and the collaboration of DICE.
This is the first map of the BO5 Final between Insight Gaming and Team United.

Finals: Operation Lockers (D), Golmud Railway (O), Dawnbreaker (D), Zavod 311 (O), Paracel Storm (D)

You can find out more about this tournament through it’s article and tournament page below:
Article: http://bit.ly/PS4WinterChampionship
Tournament Page: http://bit.ly/WinterChampionShip