Battlefield 1 – What’s next?

Image Credit: @Berduu 

Battlefield 1 – What’s next?

With Battlefield 1 having now released and the Rental Server program launch being around the corner, it’s time to get back to work and get ready for the competitive scene to finally kick off again.

While we are currently working on multiple things we can’t yet announce, here is some stuff that’s coming in the next month that you can look forward to participating in.

  • New Website

Our website has been in it’s Beta version for over a year now, and we’re now getting ready to release the final version with plenty of exciting new features. It should be live Late November/ Early December and we will be unlocking various features until the end of the year to make sure it launches as smoothly as possible for everyone.

  • ESB Council this week!

This Sunday November 6th at 12pm EST / 6pm CET we will be hosting our first post-launch ESB Council. You can find all the information you need, including the sign up form by clicking HERE.

For those new to ESB, the ESB Council is a monthly meeting we organize with team leaders across PS4 & X1 in order to discuss and vote on various topics related to the competitive scene such as rulesets, game modes, event types and more.

  • Test Cups are arriving!

As soon as the rental server program is live, on the same week, we will be launching our first test cups for various game modes on both PS4 and X1, so make sure to get your team ready as we are less than 1 month away!

  • The Official ESB Discord is now open to everyone!

Over the summer we had opened up our official Discord, however we had limited it’s use to team leaders who had participated in our pre-launch ESB Council.

It is now open for everyone, once you join, please introduce yourselves so we can assign you with the proper tags, if you don’t receive one you can message CodeName_Deus#0296 directly in private to obtain the correct tags and gain access to specific text and voice chats.

You can click HERE to join the server directly.