Battlefield 1 – Introducing 5v5s & more Conquest

Introducing 5v5s & more Conquest

After 2 successful weekends of 12v12 Conquest Test Cups on PS4, we are ready to start with our 5v5 Test Cups which we will be hosting with our partners over at Glory4Gamers. We will also keep hosting the 12v12 Conquest Test Cups on PS4 while relaunching them on Xbox One as well.

In order to set the server up for 5v5s, please place the desired game mode (Domination and/or War Pigeons) and make sure every player on your team has set himself as “OFFLINE” on PSN/XBL. This will stop players from being able to join on your through Battlelog/Friends list/ Party.
Note: This means that the server will remain with 24 slots however with the above solution randoms and friends shouldn’t be able to join your server randomly.

As you will be able to see from the schedule below, we will have a first 5v5 Test Cup and a Council a few days later in order to start creating multiple rule sets to test out prior to voting on them (as we are currently doing for Conquest). As mentioned in the schedule, the sign-ups for both the upcoming 5v5 and 12v12 Councils will open on Monday morning via an article on our website.

Here is a small schedule of what’s coming:

Please use if you are still unclear with what timezone you are in and how to convert the time zones shown here.

Saturday December 10th at 2:00pm EST (New York) / 8:00pm CET (Paris).

Sunday December 11th at 2:30pm EST (New York) / 8:30pm CET (Paris).

Wednesday December 14th at 4:00pm EST (New York) / 10:00pm CET (Paris).

Friday December 16th at 2:30pm EST (New York) / 8:30pm CET (Paris).

Sunday December 18th at 1:00pm EST (New York) / 7:00pm CET (Paris).

Sunday December 18th at 2:30pm EST (New York) / 8:30pm CET (Paris).


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