BFV Fall Update Notes & Analysis

The Battlefield V Fall Update is finally here! The long-awaited Community Games update arrives tomorrow, Tuesday, November 17th. Let’s go over the update notes and see how new features affect the competitive community and our rulesets moving forward.

You can find the full update notes here:

This will likely be the biggest change for many players if they haven’t played past Battlefield games competitively on consoles. We are now able to turn both Auto-Rotation and Slowdown ON/OFF once again.

Turning Auto-Rotation OFF will remove the L1/R1(LB/RB) and L2/R2(LT/RT) spam that shouldn’t be there in the first place. This will follow the direction all our past rulesets (BF4/Hardline/BF1)have taken on this topic.

Once the update releases tomorrow, you will find the following rules added to all ESB rulesets:

  • Aim Assist Auto Rotation – OFF
  • Aim Assist Slowdown – ON

We are now able to turn Friendly Fire ON and Kill Cam OFF once again! Friendly Fire will initially be turned ON only for our 5v5 events, with 8v8 as an option for the future.

While turning the Kill Cam option OFF will stop players from knowing where an enemy that killed them is going (and rightfully so).

The ability to modify the Ticket Count % and Round Time % is a great addition that will allow us to try new game modes and improve others.

Unfortunately, there are preset values to chose from (like BF1) and not a customizable slider that allowed you to pick any number within a certain range (like BF4).

  • Adjust Ticket Count – 50% / 100 % / 200%
  • Adjust Round Time – 0% / 50% / 100% / 200% / 500%

It would have been great to see a 75% timer option to reduce the timer for Squad Conquest slightly, but we’ll survive. For Conquest (12v12/16v16), this will make the game mode finally playable and more enjoyable to watch (we know Frontlines teams are happy as well).

  • 100% Tickets: 600
  • 50% Tickets: 300
  • 100% Time: 45 minutes
  • 50% Time: 22 minutes 30 seconds

While ticket totals will vary between various maps, the idea is there. We hope that these changes motivate Conquest teams to make a small comeback.

Talking about new modes, we will be further testing 5v5 Rush starting next week. We have already tested it a few months ago internally, but we can’t wait to have a few test cups with teams and gather further feedback for this game mode.

Outside of possible 5v5 Rush events, this could also enable us to host multi-mode events like in BF4 with our Domination / Defuse / Domination and Domination / Obliteration / Domination events from the past. We will have to wait until the update releases before confirming that this will be possible.

We’ll have a detailed article regarding our plan for 5v5 Rush in the coming days. You don’t want to miss it!

It is now possible to turn ON/OFF each specific class (Assault, Medic, Support, Recon) and the various weapon types (Shotguns, MMGs, etc.).

While the class option isn’t beneficial to us, the weapons one is. Being able to disable currently banned weapon types will help avoid certain mistakes, especially for new teams and players.

Just like the classes and weapons, you can now disable specific gadget types:

  • Anti-Vehicle Launcher
  • Anti-Infantry Launcher
  • Ammo Supply
  • Healing Supply
  • Self Heal
  • Hand Grenades
  • Build Tool
  • Reinforcements

The most interesting item on the list is the ability to turn the Build Tool ON/OFF. While this will remain ON, for now, a possible ban of all fortifications in the 5v5 modes is now possible if teams want to discuss this in the future (ahead of Season 4).

While this isn’t in the update notes, it looks like we will be able to set “Allowed Spectators” as 0 or 4. This can be seen in the picture that PartWelsh (Lead Community Manager at EA Studios Europe) shared on Twitter.

This will help remove any chances of cheating if your match isn’t being cast. Allowed Spectators should always be set to 0 unless someone is casting your match.

There are plenty of other options, including small quality of life improvements like “Chose a maximum number of players (from a predefined list)”, or turn Vehicle Types ON/OFF (Air, Land, Transport, Water) that have been added.

Don’t forget to read the full patch notes, so you don’t miss any of the upcoming options!



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