– 15v15 Conquest Ladder Summer 2014 – 15v15 Conquest Ladder Summer 2014

CSL and ESB are proud to present you a 15v15 Conquest Small Ladder on PlayStation 4.  We are also excited to announce that while this ladder will receive the support from the ESB Staff, CSL will be putting forward it’s own non-player staff to admin the ladder and handle whatever disputes may occur between teams, creating a fair and unbiased environment for everyone participating.

This Ladder will begin on the 30th of June 2014, and will run for 2 months, ending on the 31st of August. Playoffs will happen the weeks following the end of the ladder and will feature the top 8 teams from the ladder. ESB will be fully casting the playoffs when they happen. More details regarding the playoffs will be released in the future.


Sign your team up for the ladder HERE.

While the ladder starts on June 30th, you may already start signing your team up starting today. The ladder will feature ESB Rules, which will be regularly updated after every council that happens.

Don’t forget to spread the word regarding this event! This is a great opportunity to showcase the size of the conquest scene on PlayStation 4.

Don’t forget to follow CSL below on twitter.

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