End of an Era Championship (PS4 5v5)

General Information

The End of an Era

Since 2013, Domination has been the go-to game mode for the competitive 5v5 Battlefield community. Over the years, hundreds of teams have played and competed in this game mode, however, with Incursion’s console release looming closer every day, domination’s demise seems inevitable. In order to celebrate this transition and as a way to finally put Battlefield 1 Domination behind us, we have decided to create this small event, both for bragging rights (for the winners) and as a way to have one last Battlefield 1 Domination event on PlayStation 4. It will also be a great way to start earning some ESB Points early ahead of Incursions.

This event will be open to teams from Europe, North America, and South America. It will feature 4 groups of teams attempting to earn a spot for the playoffs. There will be a total of 16 team slots open, however the groups will only feature teams from the same region, which essentially means that if your region is unable to fill at least 1 group (4 teams) then it won’t be allowed to participate in the event.

Please make sure you read and understand the schedule fully before signing your team up. For any questions don’t hesitate to message us on Discord via the link below.


ESB Points:

This event is classified as a Silver event, and teams will earn the following points based on their performances:

Points per Win: 15

Rank Points:

  • 1st: 70
  • 2nd: 45
  • 3rd: 25
  • 4th: 20
  • 5th-8th: 10

Note: Rank points are assigned based on playoff placement, and not the group stages.

Unclear on ESB Points and how they work? To find out more visit: 



Event Schedule


Regular Season:
  • Week 1: March 6th – 11th 2018
    • Match 1: Sunday (Standard)
  • Week 2: March 12th – 18th 2018
    • Match 2: Thursday (Standard)
    • Match 3: Sunday (Standard)
  • Week 3: March 19th – 25th 2018
    • Match 4: Thursday (Standard)
    • Match 5: Sunday (Standard)
  • Quarter-Final: Sunday April 1st 2018
  • Semi-Final: Sunday April 8th 2018
  • Final: Sunday April 15th 2018

Note: Standard times will be the following for the various stages of the tournament. Time zone changes will also occur during this event and therefore standard times will be adjusted accordingly in the official tournament rules.

  • EU Groups:
    • Thursdays – 9pm CET
    • Sundays – 8pm CET
  • NA/SA Groups:
    • Thursdays – 9pm EST
    • Sundays – 8pm EST
  • Playoffs:
    • Sundays – 3pm EDT / 9pm CEST


Sign-up Form

Note: Due to the limited spaces available to teams, signing up doesn’t guarantee your team a spot. Teams will be picked based on past activity in our previous Domination events.

Note 2: Make sure you have read and understood the schedule before signing up.

Confirmed Teams

Note: Due to the limited spaces available to teams, signing up doesn’t guarantee your team a spot. Teams will be picked based on past activity in our previous Domination events.

Confirmed Teams:

EU Teams: (18/18)

  1. Tribe eGaming
  2. Finnish Publa Heroes
  3. ProLegion Gaming
  4. BuffalO Shine eSport
  5. Hazard
  6. Gloria Victis eSports
  7. Emperiial eSport
  8. Lone Wolves
  9. Clan von Niemand
  10. Guerrilla Warfare
  11. YaHooLiGaN’s
  12. VerteX
  13. Revenge eSport
  14. GFM eSports
  16. Apostoli Elitè
  17. iAce eSports
  18. Revelation eSport

NA/SA Teams: (6/6)

  1. Zdiv eSports (NA)
  2. IceNine (NA)
  3. iLLusionZ (NA)
  4. FeRaS do Brasil (SA)
  5. HonorBR (SA)
  6. CocoDrailS (SA)



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