On Sunday July 1st at 3pm EDT/ 21h CEST, some of the best Incursions Players on PS4 will have a chance to showcase their individual talents in front of the whole community. Four teams of 5 players each will fight for ultimate bragging rights in a Best of 1 Swiss Style Bracket.


Voting opens today, Sunday June 24th, and will run until Thursday June 28th (5 days). 94 Players from Battlefield 1 Season 3 have been made eligible to participate in the ALLSTARS event (you will find eligibility criteria below). The 4 infantry players with the most votes once voting ends on Thursday will be named team captains of one of the 4 teams.

On Friday June 29th at 4pm EDT / 22h CEST those 4 Players will be participating in a LIVE draft on . Each player will take turns drafting players for their team from the 4 most voted tankers and 16 most voted infantry players. There is only one catch, each team can only have 2 Players maximum from the same Team (eXz, ApeX, VrtX, etc). This means that team captains will have to plan their team carefully in order to achieve victory.

To be considered eligible to participate, players must meet the following criteria:

  • The player must be a member of a team still competing in ESB League Season 3 in either Division 1 or 2.
  • The Player must have played at least 1 match for his/her team

On our league website, you will find a table with the current Season 3 league statistics for each player, and the voting Polls.

Best of luck to everyone participating!

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