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ESB Approved

ESB Approved

We are happy to bring the “ESB Approved” program to life in the coming weeks.

It’s main goal will be to help promote and assist community run events that use Official ESB Rulesets. Unfortunately we won’t be able to approve every single event out there, and because of that there will be a form to fill out, followed by a selection process in consequence.

We will be sharing more details on this in the future, however we are excited to work with the community even more moving forward.

ESB Approved events will get access to:

  • An article on our website detailing the event
  • Event posted on our Calendar
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Assistance from our Staff



We are also proud to announce that our very first “ESB Approved” event is the Italian Battlefield Championship.
CaPtUm and Creezu from the eSLC Casting team are our first ESB Approved Casters!




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