ESB Council #5 – Recap

ESB Council #5 Recap

The main topics of our 5th ESB Council where to update our current Defuse rule sets with some topics brought forward by the community, and discuss the possibility of a Season 2 of our Defuse Ladder.

esb council #5 wallpaper

8 Teams  where present during this council. Teams and respective representatives can be found below:

  • Arsenic – ArSeniC_x_vZ

  • BlackSheep – jboi8u

  • Fall – Derk

  • SoN – Slipp1

  • OpS – CodeName_Deus

  • I4L – InFamouS_SNAKE
  • RPG – Krivo
  • aoX – Saint

  • NOS – Jesta

Restricting Rocket Launchers

The first topic regarded the restriction of rocket launchers in Defuse (RPG’s, SMAW’s, MBT LAW, etc), as some teams felt that rocket launchers should be limited to 1 per team to avoid the RPG being used as a main killing option as opposed to using it mainly for destructive purposes. While some teams did feel that facing teams with more than one engineer running rocket launchers did ruin Defuse to a certain extent and that it would play better with a quantitative restriction on the gadget, the other half of the teams felt that there was a clear disadvantage to running more than 1 engineer at the same time. This is because running 2 engineers for example, means that you have 2 players that don’t have the ability to heal themselves or revive their teammates, and that therefore if some teams wanted to take that risk, then they should be able to.


As you can see the vote was clearly split with 4 teams wanting restrictions and 4 being fine with how the current rule set applies to rocket launchers. This means that rocket launchers will not face restrictions for the time being.


Banning the SCAR-H / ACE-52

Right before the playoffs of our Road to Glory Series ladder happened on March 22nd, we had a majority of the teams participating that came to us requesting an emergency council to be held in order to discuss the SCAR-H and ACE-52. We held the council, and the results where very clear, everyone wanted the SCAR-H banned while the vote on the ACE 52 was evened out. We therefore banned the SCAR-H in the playoffs, however we didn’t apply the ban on our official rule set until we gave more teams a chance to vote on the topic.

The teams that hadn’t previously voted on the ban and that where present in this council where: I4L, NOS, OpS, SoN, Arsenic. This is how the voting came out:



As you can see above, the results are still the same. There is a clear desire to ban the SCAR-H while the community is still fairly split regarding the ACE-52. As a result, the SCAR-H is banned from Defuse while the ACE 52 isn’t for the time being.

Revisiting Grenades

Currently only V40 minis and RGO Impact grenades are banned from Defuse, however recent patches brought changes to both these grenades. We therefore gave each team attending the possibility to voice their opinion on whether the current grenade rules should be revisited or not, and everyone unanimously said that the current rule set for grenades is perfect and that it therefore didn’t need to be revisited.

A New Ladder?

We have been hearing from a lot of teams that you guys want a Season 2 of our Road to Glory Series Defuse ladder as the Glory Series have been delayed due to the lack of private servers. We therefore asked teams present how they felt regarding another ladder/event and it was unanimous, a new ladder needs to go up.

Since you guys want to compete, and we want to give you a place to compete while we wait on servers, we will be announcing details regarding a new Defuse ladder in the coming week. So stay tuned for more information!

As always, spread the word to other teams about the ESB Councils, we want as many teams to attend as possible. You guys are the community, let your voice be heard!


ESB International would like to thank once again all the teams that came to this second ESB Council. We look forward to seeing more of you guys in the next one.