ESB Council #6 – Recap

 ESB Council #6 Recap

The 6th ESB Council was split into two separate sections; 5v5 and 15v15. For the 5v5 segment we mainly went over a couple of issues related to restrictions that still appeared to be there, and went over server settings for both Domination and Defuse. In the 15v15 section, we started discussing and creating an initial blueprint of rules & restrictions and later tackled server settings as well. In both parts of the council, we also gave teams a chance to ask questions on how the Glory Series Qualifiers. For more info on the Qualifiers click HERE.

What are the ESB Councils? Every month, teams are able to send 1 representative each to discuss issues and ideas regarding the eSport scene for Battlefield 4. This included updating rules, explaining an event, discussing ideas for the future, whatever the case may be, the ESB Staff is here to listen and give the community a voice. Every vote proposed needs a 60%+ validation in order to pass.

UPDATED RULESET – We would like to remind that rules are subject to change each council if a majority of the community deems it necessary. 

5v5 Domination / Defuse

esb council #6 5v5 wallpaper

13 Teams where present during this section of the council:

  • Rampage RPG / PS4
  • OpS / PS4
  • SoN / PS4
  • Almighty / PS4
  • BlackSheep / PS4
  • UpRising / PS4
  • Sceptos Gaming / PS4
  • Claim To Glory/PS4
  • One United Power / PS4
  • devastatioN / PS4
  • I4L / PS4
  • PuLse Gaming / PS4-XBOXONE
  • Divinity G4ming / Xbox One

Restricting Rocket Launchers

The first topic regarded the restriction of rocket launchers in Domination and Defuse (RPG’s, SMAW’s, MBT LAW, etc), as a lot of teams still felt that rocket launchers should be limited to 1 per team to avoid the RPG being used as a main killing option as opposed to using it mainly for destructive purposes. The rocket abuse has been more prominent in some communities, and after a discussion explaining that abuse and everyone agreeing on the need to halt it, voting proceeded to restricting Rocket Launchers to 1 per team.

Banning the ACE-52

While the SCAR-H had been banned during the last council, concerns still appeared over the ACE-52’s damage model. After a long discussion which yet again showed a certain level of abuse in certain communities, the weapon is now banned.



DLC Weapons

While this wasn’t mentioned at this council in much detail, we have been hearing a lot of requests to ban DLC weapons; in order to create a level playing field for non-premium users. This vote has been split between different teams in the past, however after talking to some of our partners in the past few days and discussing this issue thoroughly among the ESB Staff itself, we have decided to ban the use of DLC weapons from 5v5’s.

In the future we will be hosting DLC oriented ODCs (One Day Cups) and various other events so teams and players with dlc/premium will be able to still use the extra content they paid for in a competitive environment.


Server Settings

Server settings for both Domination and Defuse where voted on. Including friendly fire, kill cam, 3D spotting, ticket count and spectator slots. Regarding ticket count for Domination, we will be using the same ticket percentage as ESL currently does, meaning ticket count will be at 61%. The community also voted on removing kill cam, however friendly fire and 3d spotting have been left as they are as there was no 60% majority attained for either vote ( 3D spotting ON and Friendly Fire OFF).




Domination / Defuse / Domination Rotation

Some teams expressed a dislike for the above rotation as it favored Domination as opposed to defuse. Some proposed a Defuse/Domination/Defuse rotation while other went on other roads while we wait for obliteration small to release. Once that happens, the rotation will become Domination/Defuse/Obliteration. With this being said we gave teams a chance to let us know how they felt, and to not much of a surprise, the majority of the community enjoy the currently proposed rotation.





15v15 Conquest

esb council #6 15v15 wallpaper

8 Teams (and 1 Organization) where present during this section of the council:

  • OpS / PS4
  • CTG / PS4
  • SnM / PS4
  • SoN / PS4
  • dN / PS4
  • iCon / PS4
  • aM / PS4
  • 1UP / PS4
  • WNT

Restrictions Blueprint

With servers having released just recently, competitive conquest has just recently started being played on next-gen consoles. This meant that no rule set had yet been created as we wanted to give teams enough time to test the game mode out in a competitive environment and see how certain stuff worked (or didn’t). Everyone came into this section of the council with the idea of banning the bare minimum while keeping the game as competitive as possible.

The following bans where discussed because they where either glitched, or paved the way to certain abuses which would remove from the competitive aspect of the game.

  • PLD / SOFLAM + Javelin Combo
  • Staff Shell
  • Active/Passive Radar

In the effort of trying not to transform this article into a book, we will be releasing a new article with detailed explanation of why each of these bans where discussed in the coming days.

In the meanwhile below is how the voting went, and you may also find the updated ESB Conquest Rules HERE.



Server Settings

Server Settings for 15v15 Conquest have been voted on. Unlike the 5v5 voting, Friendly Fire and 3D spotting vote where completely one sided as you can see below.  Ticket wise, the reduction comes at 75% . We also discussed having a 20 timer on map rounds in order to avoid having matches that lasted 3 hours. This comes with a main objective in mind of casting and promoting as many matches as possible in order to allow the 15v15 Conquest scene to grow in both players and spectators. In order to have a 20min timer on each round, the server setting “Time Limit” has to be set to 34%.





ESB International would like to thank once again all the teams that came to this sixth ESB Council. We look forward to seeing more of you guys in the next one.

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