ESB Council #6

esb council #6 5v5 wallpaper


esb council #6 15v15 wallpaper

This Council will be split in two different parts as shown above. We ask that teams attending are on TS at least 10 minutes prior to the start of their respective section.

5v5 Topics

Updates on Restrictions

  • Just last month, we discussed banning the ACE 52 and restricting Rocket Launchers and both votes where balanced (half wanted to ban them, the other half didn’t). However, there still seem to be concerns around the community regarding Rocket Launchers and the ACE 52’s damage model. We will therefore be giving teams another chance to vote on whether or not the ACE 52 should or shouldn’t be used in 5v5’s. As for Rocket Launchers we will give teams a chance to restrict their use, or whether to keep them unrestricted as the rule set currently stands.
  • Seeing as Domination is now playable in a 5v5 environment, teams will be able to voice their concerns on anything extra that should be banned or allowed.


15v15 Topics

Creating the Ruleset

With the Glory Series qualifiers just 3 weeks away, and servers released, it is time to discuss any restrictions/bans that may need to be applied to Conquest and any Glitches present with different gadgets/weapons. While we want to ban the bare minimum, we encourage teams to bring a list of what they believe is game breaking ( or glitched) to the council.

Talking Team/Map Size

  • There has been a lot of discussion related to what should be played as the main size, whether 15v15 or 10v10 Conquest. While we are moving forward with 15v15 as things stand, we would love to hear your opinions on why 10v10 may work better and vice-versa. Your feedback is essential to us!
  • The major debate that has happened lately, is whether 15v15 Conquest should be played on the small or large variants of the maps. Some teams want only conquest small, while others only conquest large. There are different sides to each point of view, on conquest large some maps have more flags than needed, excessive amounts of vehicles on some maps for only 15 players. The benefit of conquest large though, on air maps for example (golmud, paracel, hainan) , would be to have 2 jets vs 2 jets as opposed to the 1v1’s happening on conquest small. We are therefore open to having some maps played on conquest large, however we need to decide which maps those will be, and whether any flags will be cut off, or any other suggestions you guys may have.

Server Settings

As private servers have officially launched, we will be creating a standard server setting profile for teams to use for both their 5v5 and 15v15 Matches. This will include aspects such as ticket count, 3D spotting, spectator slots, friendly fire, ticket bleed, and anything else that needs to be addressed.  So after this council we should have an initial set of server settings ready to be applied to all future e-sport matches. So don’t hesitate to bring your suggestions and ideas on the subject.

Glory Series Qualifiers

We will be here to explain in detail how the qualifiers for the Glory Series will work, and answer any questions you may have about them. More info can already be found HERE.

How does my team attend?

This ESB Council is open to teams that have submitted an application on our website prior to May 11th. Each Team will be allowed 1 to send one fix representative to each council. This means 110+ Teams are eligible to attend.

The ESB Councils happen over TeamSpeak 3 (Download Link Below), and requires a check-in on the Friday 16th or Saturday the 17th.


You may check-in by contacting CodeName_Deus via Battlelog or Twitter. Every team who wishes to attend must check-in to confirm attendance, name of representative, and to obtain TS3 access.

Teams who fail to check-in during the times provided will not be allowed to participate.

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