ESB Council #7

esb council #7 15v15 wallpaper


esb council #7 5v5 wallpaper

This Council will be split in two different parts as shown above. We ask that teams attending are on TS at least 10 minutes prior to the start of their respective section.


5v5 Topics

Event formats moving forward

So far we’ve been proposing a variety of different event formats, from ladders, to leagues, to ODCs (One Day Cups). We want to know how you guys feel about the different event types and what you would like to see more of in the future.

Exploring the Promod Ruleset

While the current 5v5 ruleset is defined, some teams had initiated the discussion of also having a promod ruleset to play with to occasionally changing things up. While we don’t want a promod ruleset as a standard, it could be an idea to host a promod ODC once a month for example, providing teams with something new to experiment with and keep things interesting. In this 7th ESB Council, we will start discussing in a little more depth what teams think should/shouldn’t be part of this type of ruleset.

15v15 Topics

Finalizing the Ruleset

During the last Council, an initial ruleset for conquest was created, which you can find HERE (under the conquest tab). Now a lot of teams have played matches since and are either fine with what the ruleset looks like, or would like a few new/current things addressed, this will be an opportunity to discuss this.

CSL Conquest Ladder – Q&A

As we recently announced CSL and ESB are launching a 15v15 Conquest Ladder. Aside from what we included in our introductory article, we will give teams an opportunity to ask any question they may have about the ladder.

Standard Glory Series Match Times/Days (5v5 & 15v15)

With the Glory Series starting on Monday June 30th, both 15v15 and 5v5  teams that qualified will be able to voice their opinion on what times/days work best in their opinion as a standard in the event that teams can’t agree on a match time/day for a given week. An example of this could be 15v15’s International Standard Time would be Sundays 3pm EDT, so that if 2 teams can’t agree on when they can play, then this will be the required time of play.


As always, teams are encouraged to bring other questions they may have to the council that may not have been mentioned in this article.


How does my team attend?

This ESB Council is open to teams that have submitted an application on our website prior to June 23rd. Each Team will be allowed 1 to send one fix representative to each council. This means 110+ Teams are eligible to attend.

The ESB Councils happen over TeamSpeak 3 (Download Link Below), and requires a check-in on the Friday 27th or Saturday the 28th.


You may check-in by contacting ESB_Deus via Battlelog or Twitter. Every team who wishes to attend must check-in to confirm attendance, name of representative, and to obtain TS3 access.

Teams who fail to check-in during the times provided will not be allowed to participate.



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