ESB is Recruiting Staff

ESB is Recruiting Staff

ESB is recruiting staff in order to keep providing both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 communities with great events, meetings, live-streams and more.

Below you can find the positions we are looking for with a brief description of what they consist of. If you feel you fit the description of what we are looking for or feel you could help in another way, email us at with “Staff Recruitment – Position of Choice” in the subject. Tell us about your past experiences in that area if you have any, and why you believe you would be a good fit for the position.

Community Managers

We are looking for North America, South American and European CM’s to help us manage players and teams from all over the world.

We are looking for community leaders who want to help people out, interact with them to understand their wishes/ideas for the future, and that are motivated to keep increasing the amount of teams that compete in the Battlefield eSports scene.


Do you love Battlefield eSports? Do you love writing? This one is for you! We are looking for passionate individuals who are interested in writing about upcoming events, post tournament analysis, and more.

Event Staff

We are looking for mature individuals capable of making unbiased decisions under pressure. As an event staff you will help admin events, fill out event results and provide players/teams with support for the event you are assigned to.

Social Media Operators

Do you know the ins and outs of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and/or Youtube? We are looking for motivated staff to manage on a daily basis social media posts, interactions, and communication.


We are looking for active youtubers and competitive players with good knowledge of the game (whether this is 5’s, 15’s, or both) to cast matches live on a regular basis.

Primary Casters

In addition to the above, require a solid upload speed (for live streaming) and either a Capture Card or an HD-PVR to be able to use overlays and more.

Secondary Casters

No solid upload speed or video capture peripherals required, however we are looking for very solid competitive and community knowledge as well.

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