ESB League – BF1 Season 3 is here!


Incursions is finally upon us, and now that it’s available on every platform it’s time to kick of our 3rd Battlefield 1 ESB League season. We are proud to announce that we have partnered with LeroyMerlin to power this season and to help us build the future of competitive Battlefield.

Season 3 will focus on Incursions only, and will mark the start of a new era on our league website, with improved player profile/statistics and the return of our popular ESB All-Stars event from Battlefield 4!

In this article you will find all the information you need to qualify and participate in the event, and don’t forget that sign-ups are already open!

Don’t forget to also sign-up for our Incursions Championship with a 2,000€ Prizepool! Find out more by clicking HERE.


Prizes & Regions:

For Season 3 we will be featuring the following leagues on PS4, PC and X1, and a 1,000€ Prizepool
  • Battlefield 1 – 5v5 Incursions – PS4 EU – 500€ Prizepool
  • Battlefield 1 – 5v5 Incurisons – PC EU – 500€ Prizepool
  • Battlefield 1 – 5v5 Incursions – X1 EU – No current Prizepool
  • Battlefield 1 – 5v5 Incursions – PS4 NA – No current Prizepool



There will be 2 Qualifiers for each Platform/Region. The Qualifiers have a One Day Cup, single elimination bracket format. Since a new game mode is being played, no team will have a guaranteed spot from Season 2 carry over, meaning that each team will be required to play in the qualifiers if they wish to participate in Season 3.

Each Qualifier you participate in, will earn you points that count towards acquiring a spot in our league depending on how well your team does in each Qualifier. After both Qualifiers are over, the final ranking will be published and the Top teams will earn their spot in a division of their respective Platform/Region. If there are enough teams competing in our Qualifiers, we will open extra Divisions where necessary. (Note: Division spots will be assigned based on each team’s final ranking. Ranks 1-8 will earn a spot in Division 1, 9-16 in Division 2, and 17-24 in Division 3.)

  • 1st100pts
  • 2nd75pts
  • 3rd50pts
  • 4th35pts
  • 5th-8th20pts
  • 9th-16th10pts
  • 17th-32nd5pts
  • 33rd-64th2pts




League Schedules:

Note that ALL leagues (and respective divisions) feature 2 Matches a Week.



  • Qualifier #1: Sunday May 13th ( EU PC / EU X1 / EU PS4 / NA PS4 )
  • Qualifier #2: Sunday May 20th ( EU PC / EU X1 / EU PS4 / NA PS4 )


Regular Season: Full Game Schedule released on Wednesday May 23rd on the first day of the Season.

  • Week 1:  Wednesday May 23rd – Sunday May 27th
    • Match 1: Sunday May 27th
  • Week 2: Monday May 28th – Sunday June 3rd
    • Match 2: Thursday May 31st
    • Match 3: Sunday June 3rd
  • Week 3: Monday June 4th – Sunday June 10th
    • Match 4: Thursday June 7th
    • Match 5: Sunday June 10th
  • Week 4:  Monday June 11th – Sunday June 17th
    • Match 6: Thursday June 14th
    • Match 7: Sunday June 17th
  • All-Star Break: Monday June 18th – July 1st
    • All-Star Voting Begins: Monday June 18th
    • All-Star Voting Ends: Friday June 22nd
    • All-Star Draft: Saturday June 23rd
    • General Roster Lock: Monday June 25th
    • All-Star Game: Saturday June 30th
  • Week 5:  Monday July 2nd – Sunday July 8th
    • Match 8: Thursday 5th
    • Match 9: Sunday July 8th
  • Week 6: Monday July 9th – Sunday July 15th
    • Match 10: Thursday July 12th
    • Match 11: Sunday July 15th
  • Week 7: Monday July 16th – Sunday July 22nd
    • Match 12: Thursday July 19th
    • Match 13: Sunday July 22nd
  • Week 8: Monday July 23rd – Thursday July 26th
    • Match 14: Thursday July 26th


Playoffs: Brackets Released on Friday July 27th

  • Playoffs Weekend: Saturday July 28th – Sunday July 29th
    • Quarter-Final: Saturday July 28th
    • Semi-Final: Saturday July 28th
    • Final: Sunday July 29th


Note: The Standard Times for each regular season match is at 9pm CEST for the EU events, and 9pm EDT for the NA event.




Note: The Qualifiers will run through Battlefy, which means you must create your team there and sign-up for each qualifier individually if you wish to participate.








Points earned by each team, divided by each category will be displayed here.
Note: Until Monday May 14th 2018 this section will remain empty.

Note: Division spots will be assigned based on each team’s final ranking. Ranks 1-8 will earn a spot in Division 1, 9-16 in Division 2, and 17-24 in Division 3.

PS4 EU – 5v5 Incursions

RankTeam NameWinsPointsQualifiers Played
1Team eXistenZ81752
2ApeX e-Sports81752
3Virtual Team71002
4Guerrilla Warfare [GWsk]5552
5Lone Wolves4552
7FAB Games eSports1302
8Prototype eSport By Irae1302
9RuN eSports1252
10ShinE Team1201
11FROGGIES Esport0202
12Level 1100202
13Soldados de Fortuna SDF0202
16Spanish Blood0152
17Royal Revolution eSports0152
18Clan von Niemand0102
19BuffalO Shine eSport0101
21Tribe eGaming0101
22Exon Nation0101


PC EU – 5v5 Incursions

RankTeam NameWinsPointsQualifiers Played
1PENTA Sports21252
2Legion Gaming11102
6Manguste eSports00DNP





Battlefy – Team Creation


Battlefy – Event Registration




F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I need to play all the qualifier events?
    • This Season, teams aren’t required to play both qualifiers. We however recommend playing in both if your team wishes to qualify for Division 1.
  • Can we change the roster between qualifiers?
    • Rosters may be switched up between the qualifiers, however at least 3 players must be the same between both qualifiers. A reminder that players may only attempt qualifying with one team per tournament rules.
  • What is the roster size for this event?
    • Each Qualifier has a roster cap of 6, however once Season 3 launches, teams will be allowed to feature 10 players on their rosters.
  • When is the registration deadline?
    • The registration for each Qualifier closes 2 hours before each Qualifier starts as detailed in the “Schedule” tab on each event page on Battlefy.
  • Will the roster size be increased for the playoffs?
    • Roster size will remain 10 throughout Season 3, both in the Regular Season and throughout the Playoffs.
  • Will the league be hosted on Battlefy?
  • How many divisions will there be? How many teams per Division?
    • There will be 3 Divisions, each made up of 8 teams as normal.
  • How will the playoffs work? be seeded?
    • Playoffs will invite the Top 8 teams to compete for the final prize-pool. The 1-8 seeds will be attributed as follows:
      • #1 Seed: 1st Place in Division 1
      • #2 Seed: 2nd Place in Division 1
      • #3 Seed: 3rd Place in Division 1
      • #4 Seed: 4th Place in Division 1
      • #5 Seed: 5th Place in Division 1
      • #6 Seed: 1st Place in Division 2
      • #7 Seed: 2nd Place in Division 2
      • #8 Seed: 1st Place in Division 3
  • How will the prize-pool be distributed?
    • The final prize-pool for each league will be winner-takes all.






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