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ESB League – BFV Pre-Season

ESB League – BFV Pre-Season


Season 1 is expected to launch this fall (spoiler alert), and yet private servers are currently nowhere to be found. However, plenty of teams have started playing again since Squad Conquest has been added back to the game indefinitely, which prompts us to deliver a proper event for teams to compete in despite the current situation.

We are therefore opening up our Battlefield V league pre-season! The pre-season will work exactly like a normal season of ESB League, with a few small differences. Firstly, there are no qualifiers, meaning each division will be equal and generated based on a variety of factors. Secondly, teams will be earning ESB Points based on how they do in the pre-season, which will have an impact of qualifiers for Season 1. This means playing now will help you qualify for Season 1, and trust us, you will want to qualify for Season 1!

Our pre-season will be open to all platforms and for teams from Europe, North America, and South America. While we are aware not every platform/region combination will have enough teams, we are giving everyone an equal opportunity to participate and hopefully have their very own league.

Visit the “Schedule” tab to find out more and “Sign-up” to well, sign-up.


For our Battlefield V pre-season, we will be featuring the following leagues on PS4, PC and X1.
  • Battlefield V – 8v8 Squad Conquest – PS4 EU & NA 
  • Battlefield V – 8v8 Squad Conquest – PC EU & NA
  • Battlefield V – 8v8 Squad Conquest – X1 EU & NA
  • Battlefield V – 8v8 Squad Conquest – PS4 SA
  • Battlefield V – 8v8 Squad Conquest – PC SA

Note: Each league will require at least 8 teams to be confirmed. Multiple Divisions will be created if needed.

There will also be an ESB Council on Sunday, May 12th, prior to the league starting to finalize our current 8v8 Squad Conquest Ruleset. Only confirmed teams will be invited to participate.



League Schedules:

Note that ALL leagues (and respective divisions) feature 1 Match per Week during the regular season. The standard days for matches are listed below, however, teams can mutually agree to move their matches to another day during the same match week.


  • Start: Tuesday, April 30th, 2019
  • End: Thursday, May 9th, 2019

ESB Council: Sunday, May 12th 2019 at 3:00pm EDT / 9:00pm CEST

Regular Season: Full Game Schedule released on Monday, May 13th which is the first day of the Season.

  • Week 1:  Monday, May 13th – Sunday, May 19th
    • Match 1: Sunday, May 19th
  • Week 2: Monday, May 20th – Sunday, May 26th
    • Match 2: Sunday, May 26th
  • Week 3: Monday, May 27th – Sunday, June 2nd
    • Match 3: Sunday, June 2nd
  • Week 4:  Monday, June 3rd – Sunday, June 9th
    • All-Star Draft: Friday, June 7th
    • All-Star Game: Saturday, June 8th
    • Match 4: Sunday, June 9th
  • Week 5:  Monday, June 10th – Sunday, June 16th
    • General Roster Lock: Monday, June 10th
    • Match 5: Sunday, June 16th
  • Week 6: Monday, June 17th – Sunday, June 23rd
    • Match 6: Sunday, June 23rd
  • Week 7: Monday, June 24th – Sunday, June 30th
    • Match 7: Sunday, June 30th

Playoffs: Brackets Released on Monday, July 1st

  • Playoffs Weekend: Saturday, July 6th – Sunday, July 7th
    • Quarter-Finals: TBA
    • Semi-Finals: TBA
    • Final: Sunday, July 7th

Note: The Standard-Times for each of the regular season matches are at 9:00 pm CEST for the EU events, and 9:00 pm EDT for the NA events.
Note 2: Playoff schedule depends on the number of divisions present in each league. Once the season starts we will have a more detailed schedule for everyone.

Confirmed Teams

Note: It may take up to 24-48 hours after signing up for teams to get confirmed and appear here.

PlayStation 4:

EU & NA:

4 Divisions Confirmed:

  1. MaD Players (EU)
  2. 1UP eSport (International)
  3. Gloria Victis (EU)
  4. ITS TOO EASY BRO (International)
  5. Night Stalkers (NA)
  6. Born of Ash (EU)
  7. Tribe E-Gaming (EU)
  8. CPV eSports (EU)
  9. Polish Legion (EU)
  10. IRFlow Project Zero Elite (EU)
  11. Bird is Word (EU)
  12. Lords of War (EU)
  13. Static Rejects (NA)
  14. Velocity (EU)
  15. Dethrone (NA)
  16. V-1 Victors (NA)
  17. Soldados De Fortuna (EU)
  18. Limitless Rules (EU)
  19. Spanish Punishers (EU)
  20. We Are Legion (NA)
  22. Manguste eSports (EU)
  23. VeNoM (International)
  25. Modern spartans (NA)
  26. iMotion eSport (EU)
  27. *Invalid Team Name* (NA)
  28. 4 Players (EU)
  29. GHR eSports (EU)
  30. Hermandad De Élite eSports Club (EU)
  31. Vulcain Esport (EU)

Waiting List:

  1. Soldiers of LmNtrix (EU)
  3. Mataharis (EU)
  4. ExoTic Skillz Team (EU)


2 Divisions Confirmed:

  1. Indominuz Team (SA)
  3. Tango 01 (SA)
  4. 2COM eSports (SA)
  5. Onix Gaming (SA)
  6. Battlefield Elite Allies (SA)
  8. HonorBR (SA)
  9. Noobs Saibots (SA)
  10. DreaM TeaM Perú (SA)
  11. TBAG (SA)
  12. Comando 602 (SA)
  13. Unit Gangsta Chile (SA)
  14. Anti-Terror Team (SA)
  16. Peru Chavin de Huantar (SA)

Waiting List:


Xbox One:

EU & NA:

  1. Dragon Force Alpha (International)
  2. Point Gap (NA)
  3. FRENCH KILLER ELITE (International)
  4. Astronomy iNex (EU)
  5. XGS E-Sports (EU)
  8. Gun Skill (NA)

Waiting List:

  1. Goon Squad (NA)
  2. GenesiS GaminG (EU)


EU & NA:

2 Divisions Confirmed:

  1. 7.62 Team (EU)
  2. Himmelfahrts Kommando (EU)
  3. Rage Mode (EU)
  5. RU team (EU)
  6. Celler Bomb Squad (EU)
  7. ChillingWithFriends (EU)
  8. Legion & bois (EU)
  9. NFX (EU)
  10. seVen (NA)
  11. Holger (EU)
  12. Frontlines Rush Gaming (EU)
  14. Abusement Park (NA)
  15. Game Host (EU)
  16. Cyprus PC Community (EU)

Waiting List:

  2. Team Special Forces (International)
  3. KuschelStubenBande (EU)




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F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I need to play all the qualifier events?
    • There are no qualifiers for this Pre-Season event.
  • Can we change our roster after signing up?
    • Rosters may be modified once the season starts and up until the Roster Lock date detailed in the rules.
  • What is the roster cap for this event?
    • The current cap is set to 20 players per team. This may, however, change once the season starts.
  • When is the registration deadline?
    • Registration ends on Thursday, May 9th, 2019 as detailed in the “Schedule” tab.
  • Will the league be hosted on Battlefy?
  • How many divisions will there be? How many teams per Division?
    • There will be up to 3 Divisions for each league, each made up of 8 teams as normal.
  • Do regular season games have to be played on Sundays?
    • Sundays are the standard days for matches, however, teams can mutually agree to move their matches to another day during the same match week.







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  1. Hola buenis dias, represento al Clan Soldado NN… y nos gustaria participar por SA en PC.
    Mas organizo eventos y torneos, con la LSC (Ligas Sudamericana de Clanes) y les podria dar una mano con clanes de aca de Latam SA en PC.

    1. Hola Ariel,

      Lo sentimos, pero de momento no tenemos una seccion para SA – PC. Muchas gracias!

  2. FRPG Clan leader

    1. Hi Danminigun,

      Please, refer to the Sign up tab. Thanks!

  3. We would like to join the League for Xb1 Eu/Na 8vs8 what do u need from us to register ?

    1. Hi XGS Sixxtytwo,

      Please, refer to the Sign Up tab. Thanks!

  4. Can rosters be changed dueing the season? Also what if we have to back out for unforeseen circumstances like roster problems and such?

    1. Rosters may be modified once the season starts and up until the Roster Lock date detailed in the rules.

  5. Good morning fellow trench!!!,i represent the BtpK clan for xbox 1,we would like to better inform us and join our league.Thanks in advance…?

  6. Want to register a team

  7. Hey I’m looking for a team to play battlefield 5. battlefieldtracker.com Jiinxiee

  8. How would I go about finding a good team?

    1. Hi Matty, sorry for the late reply. The first step would be to join our Discord server (https://discord.gg/NVCcXmy) and use the recruitment channel for your specific platform!

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