ESB League Playoffs – 15v15 Semi-finals Recap

ESB League Playoffs – 15v15 Semi-finals Recap


It was an exciting week for eSport-Battlefield as the semi-finals of the playoff rounds of Season 2 15v15 Conquest took place. The top four teams were split off based on placement in league play, so that seed #1 (devastatioN) played seed #4 (SunStorm), while seed #2 (Venom) paired off with seed #3 (HonorBR). The winner of each separate best of 3 series would move on to the ESB Season 2 Finals the next Sunday.

15v15 Playoffs Season 2

Both matches were goingto be hard fought, but due to unfortunate circumstances SunStorm (SoS) did not show up for their match against devastatioN (dN). This meant SoS was obviously eliminated from the playoffs while the heavy favorite, dN, moved automatically into the finals.

On the other hand, the Venom (V) versus  HonorBR (xHBR) match was an extremely well played contest. V opened up with a close win over xHBR on map one, Hainan Resort. This was V’s map, and with their strong infantry were able to get the win, and go up 1-0 (Maps are won by ticket count, not sides).

The second map of the best of 3 was Golmud Railway. Golmud is a well-known map for both armor and air forces, and both teams are strong in both departments, so it was expected to be another close game. However, in the end the armor and air force completed by the veteran attack helicopter team of xHBR’s, Chibatao and Fido, was too much for V. xHBR claimed a decisive map 2 win to send the series into a final map 3.

The final map in the best of 3 was to be played on Dawnbreaker.  Dawnbreaker is another vehicle heavy map with both armor as well as air vehicles, but is also more of an infantry oriented map. This was predicted to be a battle, and it didn’t disappoint. Neither team could seem to maintain air dominance thanks to great support from both infantry as well as the Mobile AA. This left it to a clash of ground forces between both teams. While xHBR put up a valiant fight, in the end V’s infantry power was too much to handle, and so it was decided.  V took the win by an official score of 2-1, and will move on to play Team devastatioN this coming Sunday in the ESB Season 2 Final.

For more information on the final keep yourself updated by checking the ESB home page.