ESB League Season 5 – Information & Sign-up

ESB League Season 5 – Information & Sign-up

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After a somewhat bumpy Season 4 due to the summer vacations, we are now ready to start Season 5 with some new features!

Sign-ups are now open on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for our fifth season. Below you will find both the league schedule and team sign-up form. Each league will require at at least 8 teams by the deadline in order to be validated and go live on October 19th. (If for example one league has 16 teams signed up, we can create 2 divisions while following the same schedule)

For our 5th Season we will be featuring the following leagues on both X1 and PS4:

  • Battlefield 4 – 16v16 Conquest Small (12v12 for X1)
  • Battlefield 4 – 5v5 Domination / Squad Obliteration

If enough teams would like other game modes and formats, we can make those happen as well.

What’s new?

5v5’s are back!

We are excited to bring back the 5v5 portion of our event! We are currently proposing a Domination / Squad Obliteration / Domination, Best of 3 format however we’d love to mix things up even more in the future by adding the long forgotten Defuse in there as well. Make sure you keep the feedback coming in through our forums! Big things ahead if this 5v5 season works out as planned.

Player Cards

Every Week, the best performing 5v5 players will get their player cards created and featured on our social media accounts. In addition, players who obtain player cards also obtain two extra votes for the ESB Allstars selection. Two votes may not seem like a lot, however they could make the difference between being selected or not.

ESB League Player Cards v2
Sample Player Card – Does not represent final product

New League Page Design

For this season, we have reworked the full league page design, which should make everything more appealing, easier to navigate, and more fun to follow for the fans. This is a first step leading into having team leaders fully controlling their teams directly through our website in the future (hopefully by next season). Unfortunately we don’t have a preview of this yet as it is still being worked on, and will launch on the 19th of October.

ESB Allstars are back!

Our ESB Allstars event is back with a new voting system and team draft mode! The event will take place during Week 6 of the upcoming league, on both X1 and PS4, exclusively for players participating in Season 5. Currently only a 5v5 event is planned, however we are working on a way to implement a Conquest one as well. Stay tuned for more information.

Deadline for team sign-ups will be on Sunday October 18th at 1:00 am EST / 7:00 am CET.

League Schedules:

Note that both leagues feature 1 Match a Week only.


  • Week 1: October 19th – 25th
  • Week 2: October 26th – November 1st
  • Week 3: November 2nd – 8th
  • Week 4: November 9th – 15th
  • Week 5: November 16th – 22nd
    • ESB Allstars Voting and Drafting
  • Week 6: November 23rd – 29th
    • ESB Allstars Event
  • Week 7: November 30th – December 6th
  • Playoffs Week 1:: December 7th – 13th
  • Playoffs Week 2: December 14th – 20th




Confirmed Teams

PlayStation 4

5v5 Domination / Squad Obliteration

  1. Xplicit eSports
  2. Fight 4 Glory
  3. ZeNoX eSports
  4. Shock n Awe
  5. Xtreme Slayers eSports
  6. ProNation
  7. RED
  8. Mad Company 2
Waiting List
  1. UproaR

16v16 Conquest Small

Division 1
  1. devastatioN
  2. KaoS eSports
  3. LoYaL Gaming e-Sports
  4. Infantry Destruction
  5. MhSV eSport
  6. VeNoM eSports
  7. Ao1 : Army of One
  8. Zero team e sports
Division 2
  1. Complex simplicity
  2. limitless eSPORT
  3. Operation: CombatZone
  4. LiNk
  5. xCx CriP
  7. The Shadow Conspiracy
  8. Gloria Victis
Waiting List
  1. RedSun

Xbox One

5v5 Domination / Squad Obliteration

  1. VexX Gaming
  2. ImPulse
  3. NexT
  4. eXPloxion Gaming
  5. UnLimited
  6. SensoriA UnReaL
  7. 1Nation
  8. Re4cTioN Gaming
5v5 Waiting List
  1. SWPL Shadow Warrior
  2. HavoC

12v12 Conquest Small

  1. NexT
  3. créative Révolution
  4. NoXia eSport
  5. 1Nation
  6. Re4cTioN Gaming
  7. SWPL Shadow Warrior
  8. EMPTY