ESB Points are back!

What are ESB Points?

Teams will now be able to earn points again through all 5v5 ESB events they participate in and see how they rank among other teams throughout the year. The ESB Points system will aim to reward the top teams with exclusively prized events, team showcases, and more throughout the year.

The point system will be divided into different seasons, with the current Winter/Spring 2020 season being the first one for Battlefield V.

How do I earn ESB Points?

ESB Points are awarded to teams based on how they perform in various events hosted by both ESB and its partners. Teams will earn both Rank Points (RP) and Points per Win (PPW) in each eligible event they participate in, combining into their ESB Points total for the current season. Each event, based on the type, prize, and duration, will be classified as either a Gold, Silver, or Bronze event and will award more/less RP and PPW depending on the event type.

  • Rank Points (RP)
    • 1 RP = 1 ESBP
    • Gained through your team’s final placement in events.
  • Points per Win (PPW)
    • 1 PPW = 1 ESBP
    • Gained through each win your team earns in an event.



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