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ESB Points Rankings

ESB Points Rankings

5v5 Incursions PlayStation 4 – Spring/Summer 2018

1ApeX e-Sports11101000201642254100635
3Guerrilla Warfare72500017116901600250
4FAB Games eSports1055000615981350233
5Strangers with Candy42200015105701500220
6Lone Wolves72500018810851300215
8Virtual Team5320001073351450180
9Team Vertex312660707491150164
10FROGGIES Esport00074382641800121
11RuN eSports00076131261000106
12Royal Revolution eSports000743202460064
13Tribe eGaming000000853350053
15Level 110000734202645051
16Soldados de Fortuna000734202645051
18Prototype By Irae0000006242820048
19Underdogs Spain000000725020020
21BEGA Elite000000725020020
23ShinE Team000000211510015
24Spanish Blood0007072024004
25BuffalO Shine eSport0000001013003
26Exon Nation0000001013003
27Clan von Niemand0000009092002


Note: Standings are updated every Monday night at 10:00pm CET.


  • MP: Total Matches Played
  • W: Total Wins
  • L: Total Losses
  • T: Total Ties
  • RP: Total Rank Points Obtained
  • PPW: Total Points Per Win Obtains
  • PP: Penalty Points (Accumulated by either not showing up to matches or various other sanctions)
  • ESBP (ESB Points): RP + PPW + PP


Unclear on ESB Points and how they work? To find out more visit: 


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