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ESB South American Incursions Championship

ESB South American Incursions Championship


Since Battlefield 3, the South American Battlefield community has been involved internationally in the top events around the world, and the community was better for it. Unfortunately with the latency restrictions implemented in Battlefield 1, this hasn’t been the case anymore, as the South American PS4 and PC communities have been forced to avoid any kind of international or intercontinental events due to connection issues.

This doesn’t mean that these communities haven’t been doing a great job of auto-sustaining and growing their own competitive scene with various community organizers putting in a lot of effort to keep it all alive. However, the South American community hasn’t gotten the respect and visibility it deserves and used to have, and that’s why we are proud to announce that ESB is now officially coming to Brazil and the rest of South America.

We want to help grow and promote the South American Battlefield community and give it international visibility. To kick things off, as we head towards Battlefield V, we will be hosting the ESB South American Incursions Championship, in which the best South American PC teams will play their hearts out to determine who the best Incursions team is ahead of the next Battlefield.

The ESB South American Incursions Championship will be a 16 team event that lasts 4 weeks, featuring both Group Stages and Playoffs for the top 8 teams. The whole event will run via Battlefy and you will find all the information needed to sign-up in this article.

Sign-ups are now open, and close on Friday morning at 9:00am BRT (Brasilia Time)

To sign-up for the event, please visit:



Group Stages:
  • Week 1: July 13th – 15th 2018
    • Match 1: Sunday (Standard)
  • Week 2: July 16th – 22nd 2018
    • Match 2: Thursday (Standard)
    • Match 3: Sunday (Standard)
  • Week 3: July 23rd – 29th 2018
    • Match 4: Thursday (Standard)
    • Match 5: Sunday (Standard)
  • Quarter-Final: Thursday August 2nd 2018
  • Semi-Final: Sunday August 5th 2018
  • Final: Sunday August 5th 2018

Note: Standard times will be the following for the various stages of the tournament.


Confirmed Teams

Please note: There are only 16 available team spots for this event.

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  16. EMPTY


Battlefy – Team Creation

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Battlefy – Event Registration

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