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ESB Points Rankings X1

ESB Points Rankings X1

Xbox One – 5v5 Squad Conquest – Winter/Spring 2020

1iRFlow Supremacy330000181531051050210
2NarKo eSport Amarok33000018135811010182
3Brigada 028422000159636680104
5NarKo eSport Baku313000194151733050
7iRFlow Nemesis000000422154019
8DeuS gaming40400094538011
11Renacidos E-sports0000008352608
12La Quinta Orden0000008262406
13Surge v20000001011001


Note: Standings are updated every Monday night at 11:59 PM CET.


  • MP: Total Matches Played
  • W: Total Wins
  • L: Total Losses
  • T: Total Ties
  • RP: Total Rank Points Obtained
  • PPW: Total Points Per Win Obtains
  • PP: Penalty Points (Accumulated by either not showing up to matches or various other sanctions)
  • ESBP (ESB Points): RP + PPW + PP


Unclear on ESB Points and how they work? To find out more visit: 


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