Frequently Asked Questions

We are an esports organization that focuses on providing the highest quality Battlefield esports experience while developing events both on our own and with our partners since 2013.

Our focus will always be the community first, as we strive to provide news, rulesets, resources, and a platform for new and veteran players/teams to grow.

You can create an ESB account today by clicking register.

Once you join our Discord server, you can obtain a role (through #get-a-role) and post in your preferred platform’s recruitment channels.

For events, there are various ways to sign-up. If we are hosting an event ourselves, an article will be released explaining how to sign-up in detail. For events hosted with our partners, you may be required to create an account on their respective websites and create your team there as well to participate.

Other events from around the community may have other requirements. We will always provide detailed links to assist you with this process and make it as hassle-free as possible.

Check out our Event Directory for all the latest events from around the community.

Each season has a detailed article released with all the information regarding sign-ups and how to enter your team in the qualifiers for the game mode you are interested in.

The qualifiers take place a few weeks before the season starts, and teams are required to play the qualifiers for their desired game mode and platform to have a chance at qualifying for the upcoming season.

We host events on all platforms the latest Battlefield game is available on.

Currently, that’s PC, PS4, and XB1.

We currently host a variety of events for the following Battlefield V game modes:

  • 5v5 Squad Conquest
  • 8v8 Squad Conquest
  • 12v12/16v16 Conquest

We are open to hosting events that feature other game modes if enough teams are interested (8 Teams minimum). Contact us for more information!

We currently don’t actively support previous Battlefield games. However, we are always available to host events for Battlefield 4, Hardline, or Battlefield 1. Gather a minimum of 8 teams and contact us, and we’ll do our best to host an event within the shortest delays.