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Battlefield V – 8v8 Squad Conquest

Battlefield V – 8v8 Squad Conquest


1.1 Restrictions (Not Allowed)


  • SUOMI KP/-31 (Medic)
  • M28 con Tromboncino (Medic)
  • Jungle Carbine (Medic)
  • All Semi-Auto Rifles (doesn’t include Self-Loading Rifles from the Recon class)
    • Gewehr 43 (Assault)
    • M1A1 Carbine (Assault)
    • Turner SMLE (Assault)
    • Selbstlader 1916 (Assault)
    • Gewehr 1-5 (Assault)
    • AG/M42 (Assault)
    • Mass 44 (Assault)
    • Karabin 1938M (Assault)
    • Selbstlader 1906 (Recon)
  • All MMGs
    • MG-42 (Support)
    • MG-34 (Support)
    • VGO (Support)
    • M1922 MG (Support)
    • M1919A6 (Support)
    • S2-2000 (Support)
  • All Shotguns
    • 12G Automatic (Support)
    • M30 Drilling (Support)
    • M1987 (Support)
  • All Anti-Materiel Rifles
    • Boys AT Rifle
    • Panzerbuchse 39
  • New Tides of War Weapons
    • New weapons are banned until they are available to purchase by everyone through company coins.
      • This means that until new weapons are only available through weekly challenges, they won’t be able to be used in matches.
      • Weapons that currently fall into this category:
        • Type 97 LMG
        • Type 2A (SMG)


  • There are no grenade restrictions.


  • Frag Grenade Rifle (Assault)
  • PIAT (Assault)
  • AP Mine (Medic / Support / Recon)
  • Spawn Beacon (Recon)
  • Flare Gun (Recon)


  • All Battle-Pickups are banned, including but not limited to:
    • Katana
    • M2 Flamethrower


  • Support:
    • Machine Gunner
  • Recon:
    • Sniper


  • Only the following tanks can be used:
    • Valentine Mk VIII (UNITED KINGDOM)
    • Staghound T17E1 (UNITED KINGDOM)
    • Panzer IV (GERMANY)
    • Panzer 38T (GERMANY)
    • Sherman (USA)
    • LVT  (USA)
    • Type 97 (JAPAN)
    • KA-MI  (JAPAN)

Note: Putting AT Mines in the enemy spawn (red zone) is strictly prohibited.


  • Only the following reinforcements can be called in:
    • Supply Canister Drop – 2,450 Squad Points
    • Smoke Barrage – 7,450 Squad Points
    • JB-2 Rocket / V-1 Rocket – 41,500 Squad Points
  • This effectively means that every other reinforcement is banned (including but not limited to):
    • T48 GMC 6 pdr AT Half-track / Sd. Kfz 251 Pakwagen – 9,850 Squad Points
    • Sector Artillery – 17,750 Squad Points
    • Churchill Crocodile / Sturmtiger – 20,750 Squad Points


  • If a team violates a Gadgets / Armored Vehicles / Reinforcements / Battle-Pickups restriction, only the map the item was used on will be forfeited and not the entire match.
  • If a team violates a WEAPONS / COMBAT ROLES restriction, a 25 Ticket Penalty per BANNED Weapon / Combat Role Kill will be applied.
    • (This means that getting a kill with a – banned weapon doesn’t cost your team the map)
  • Teams will be required to report and provide proof of any rule infraction(s) at the end of the map in which the infraction occurred. Failure to do so can possibly void any penalty for the opposing team.


1.2 Maps


  • Arras
  • Rotterdam
  • Hamada
  • Pacific Storm
  • Mercury
  • Devastation
  • Lofoten Islands

1.3 Server Settings

Every server MUST be password protected. We recommend that teams change their server password before every match to avoid people keeping track of old passwords and joining as possible spectators.

To access Community Games, press: Play > Multiplayer > Create Community Game > Add Config

Config Settings:

  • Config Name: ESB 8v8
  • Game Size: 16
  • Game Modes & Maps: 2
    • Round 1: Map A (Side 1)
    • Round 2: Map A (Side 2)
  • Password: ON
  • Minimum Players: 16

Once the Config has been created, select the config, and press “Create & Join Game”.

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