Glory Series Sponsors


With the Glory Series qualifiers beginning this weekend, ESB would like to provide you with an initial list of prizes and sponsors while we continue looking for more and finalizing deals with others. For more information on signing up and everything else you need to know about the Glory Series, click HERE.

PlayStation 4 – 5v5 Europe (  an online store offering clothes and goodies for gamers

They will provide, as gift certificates:

  • 5x 40€  for the team finishing first
  • 5x 25€  for the team finishing second
  • 5x 15€ for the team finishing third ( : CD-key price comparing on the Internet

This website will offer 5 CD-Keys for some PC games for the team finishing first. (

This website will provide a 50€ Gift card to the winning team.

PlayStation 4 – 5v5 North America

Currently there are $400 Dollars in cash to be divided among the Top 3 teams.

We would like to remind everyone that these are not the prizes for the qualifiers but for the actual leagues themselves.

More info regarding prizes for the XBOX One prizes will be given soon.

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