Going Old-School: Introducing 4v4 Rush

Since Battlefield V was released, we have always wanted to have a competitive game mode that was fun to play and watch. While Squad Conquest has been a great place-holder, it has always missed those exciting and meaningful plays that make other competitive games enjoyable to watch. 

Taking inspiration from old-school game modes like Battlefield 3’s Squad Rush, and more recent ones like Battlefield 1’s Incursions, over the past few months, we have created something that we believe will help our community build momentum moving into the next Battlefield. We are proud to present our new competitive BFV format, 4v4 Rush! 


For those that didn’t play Squad Rush in Battlefield 3, it was an objective-based game mode in which two teams of 4 players faced each other to attack and defend two MCOM stations (1 in each sector). Each team had 20 tickets (and no time limit) to arm the MCOMs while attacking.

In Battlefield V, Rush has been designed with 32 players in mind, but with some tweaks, we have recreated Battlefield 3’s concept fairly closely. Every map comprises multiple sectors, each containing an A and B objective that need to be armed/defended.

Setting the ticket count to 50% provides each attacking team with 37 tickets to arm 2 Objectives (A and B). If you follow a fixed A-B playing order, you are effectively playing 1 objective (MCOM) at a time and focusing the action like on Squad Rush back in the day. Leaving the 100% round time on gives each team 10 minutes to destroy both objectives in each sector of the map (which removes some of the infinite BF3 match times caused by teams refusing to spawn and take their sweet time).

The next problem was balancing the classes, and that is where we took some inspiration from Incursions. Applying enhanced class restrictions has allowed us to balance out each class a bit more and force players to work together and to their strengths. For this format, we will be allowing a maximum of 2 Assaults, 1 Medic, 1 Support, and 1 Recon.

Assaults and Support will thrive in the mid-range encounters, and Medics will play a key role in keeping their team alive and running close to the objective.

The Battlefield 3 Recon fans will be happy to know that your class is playable and fun again! Spawn beacons are back and will provide some incredible tactical support when used correctly. The Doppel Schuss also makes an entrance as an effective gadget with a small radius that is easy to counter, destroy, and can’t be spammed (we suggest trying out the Firecrackers to help counter it).

We will be releasing some development videos going in-depth on some of the design choices in the near future. Stay tuned!

Over the next month, we will be hosting a variety of show matches and events designed to get the community playing this format with our rules. Expect news and sign-ups opening soon on all platforms (and multiple regions)!

Get your teams ready!

Version 1.0 of our 4v4 Rush Ruleset can be found HERE. While we have done a lot of internal testing, this first version of the ruleset is still work-in-progress. As we start hosting events for this format, we will continue gathering feedback from players and teams, with the goal to have a perfected ruleset by the end of the year.

Once you start playing with the current ruleset, don’t forget to send us your feedback through our Discord in #bfv-feedback. We will also start inviting certain players to our private testers group in order to gather more detailed feedback from experienced players.



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