Incursions comes to Season 2!


While the Season 2 Qualifiers are starting this upcoming weekend on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, we are making some changes to our initial PC plans detailed in the past weeks. With the Incursions Closed Alpha in full effect, we realize that focusing on other game modes isn’t ideal, and that all future efforts should be focused on Incursions, by both testing the game mode out extensively and providing constructive feedback to DICE.

With this in mind, PC Teams will be able to play 5v5 Incursions in ESB League Season 2, in an effort to both extensively test the game mode out in a competitive environment and see how it plays out in these early stages of development. DICE will be helping us make sure this test will run smoothly and they will be looking at the viability of the game mode in such a competitive environment.

Unfortunately, we will only be able to offer 16 PC Teams the opportunity to play in this event. We do however hope that in the future we will be able to expand this number greatly. While there won’t be any prizes due to Incursions still being in a Closed Alpha state, we do hope this will be a great opportunity to build the PC community back up and create more excitement for the release of Incursions.

In order to sign your team up for this event, please fill in the form in the “Sign-up” tab of this article. Due to the limited number of spaces, signing-up will not guarantee your team a spot. We will be going through all the sign-ups individually and making sure teams will be able to play for the full duration of the league before assigning spots.

Our League HUB ( will be updated in the coming weeks in order to get ready for Season 2.

To find out more about Season 2 on X1 and PS4, please visit the link below:

PC 5v5 Incursions League Schedule:

Please Note:

  • ALL leagues (and respective groups) feature 1 Match a Week only.
  • The schedule has been adapted to fit the Closed Alpha dates so please make sure you can play in the dates below before signing up.
  • As this is a test that goes hand in hand with the Closed Alpha being online, the schedule may slightly change moving forward.
  • Due to the Schedule below, North American teams that wish to participate will have to be very flexible with their playing times.

Regular Season:

  • Week 1 – Match 1: October 19th -22nd 2017 (Thursday-Sunday)
  • Week 2 – Match 2: October 26th-27th 2017 (Thursday-Friday)
  • Week 3 – Match 3: November 2nd -November 5th 2017 (Thursday-Sunday)
  • Week 4 – Match 4: November 9th -10th 2017 (Thursday-Friday)
  • Week 5 – No Match: November 13th -19th 2017
  • Week 6 – Match 5: November 23rd -26th 2017 (Thursday-Sunday)
  • Week 7 – Match 6: November 30th -December 3rd 2017 (Thursday-Sunday)
  • Week 8 – Match 7: December 7th -10th 2017 (Thursday-Sunday)


  • Playoffs Weekend: December 16th-17th 2017
    • Quarter-Final/Semi-Final on Saturday 16th 2017
    • Final/Third Place on Sunday 17th 2017




 Please note:

  • Sign-ups close on Thursday October 12th at 3pm EDT / 9pm CEST.
  • Due to the limited number of spaces, signing-up will not guarantee your team a spot.



Confirmed Teams

The teams present below have been assigned a spot for Season 2. Two groups (A/B) will be created and randomized once sign-ups are over. Unfortunately we can only provide a total of 16 spots for this event.

PC 5v5 Incursions


  1. eLogic
  2. Meratua
  3. SemperFi Esports
  4. Manguste eSports A.S.D.
  5. Spray’n’Pray
  6. HEAT e-sports
  7. Pr0w
  8. Prototype eSports
  9. Penta Sports Community
  10. kARATE
  11. Team Debris
  12. ReVo Esport
  13. Hypetrain
  14. Memes and Dreams
  15. Thumbless

Waiting List:

  1. E2G
  2. LION
  3. EMPTY
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