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Introducing ESB Arena

Introducing ESB Arena

Welcome to ESB Arena!

We are proud to announce our official pick-up games event, ESB Arena! Over the years we have hosted a few events of this type, however we are finally ready to bring this event to the players on a weekly and seasonal basis.

We wanted to give both new and veteran players alike a weekly event to play with and against new people. We feel that new players don’t currently have a fair way of showcasing their skills with the current 5-man stacking occurring in Incursions Ranked play, and feel that this will be a great opportunity for all players to showcase their individual skills. We also hope that the veteran ESB players will guide these new players throughout these events.

Each event will have 40 open slots for players to sign-up, meaning up to 8 teams will be formed. Teams of 5 will be randomized and each team will play 2 games throughout the night.

More information on the event can be found below.


  • 5v5 Incursions
  • Best of 1


  • Every Tuesday at 9:00pm CEST starting on June 12th 2018.
    • Sign-ups open on the Saturday before the event at 12:00pm CEST 
    • Sign-ups close at 8:00pm CEST (of the same day).
    • Teams are communicated by 8:30pm CEST
    • Match 1 starts at 9:00pm CEST
    • Match 2 starts at 10:00pm CEST



Note: This event will initially run at EU times only on all platforms (it will be open to any player), if it’s successful, we will bring it to other regions as well.


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  1. I dont have or am part of team but an event like this could help introduce me to more skilled players and hopefully form or join a team

  2. Hey, i don’t know how to sign up…can anyone help me i would love to play.

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