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BFV Squad Conquest – Test Cup & ESB Council

BFV Squad Conquest – Test Cup & ESB Council


As most of you know, Squad Conquest was added to Battlefield V on the 17th of January as a limited time game-mode, and will be available to everyone until the 30th of January as a part of Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes.

As always, dozens of teams have dived right into playing 8v8 scrims, even without private servers available. We are therefore proud to announce our first online event on Battlefield V, an 8v8 Squad Conquest Test Cup on PlayStation 4.

The Test Cup will take place over 2 days, starting on Saturday January 26th and finishing on Sunday January 27th (visit the schedule tab for more detailed information). Each team will play a total of 4 games over the weekend in a swiss style bracket. This will allow every team participating to fully test the game mode and form their own opinion on what they believe works and what doesn’t.

With the Cup split over 2 days, we will be taking advantage of this to properly give teams a chance to experience the Squad Conquest in 2 different ways. On the Saturday, teams will be allowed to use anything that’s in the game, therefore no rules! This will allow both the veteran teams to prove any point they wish to make (about weapons/gadgets that may be overpowered) and new teams to both understand these points and experience the game as it is. On the Sunday, we will be using certain community suggested restrictions in order to make the game more competitive and less cheesy and provide a different experience to all teams participating. We hope that this leads to plenty of feedback and talking points for the upcoming ESB Council.

Teams that take part in this cup will be invited to participate in our first Battlefield V ESB Council to both provide feedback on the game-mode and discuss the creation of a first Squad Conquest ESB Ruleset to be used in the future once the Rental Server Program releases.

Our casters will also be live-casting as many games as they can on our Twitch Channel (https://www.twitch.tv/esbinternationaltv), and therefore look forward to bringing you some competitive Squad Conquest this upcoming weekend.

We hope to see you all either competing or watching!

Tournament Page:

If you wish to know more about the game mode, visit:



Note #1: Each Cup has a Swiss Style Bracket, meaning each team will have 4 matches to play regardless of how many they Win/Lose.
Note #2: The Test Cup will be hosted on Battlefy, however the tournament page won’t be visible until sign-ups open.

  • Sign-ups OPEN on Thursday January 24rd at 1:00am ET / 07:00am CET
  • Sign-ups CLOSE on Saturday January 26th at 6:00am ET / 12:00pm CET
  • Matches 1-2 on Saturday January 26th starting at 1:30pm ET / 7:30pm CET
  • Matches 3-4 on Sunday January 27th starting at 1:30pm ET / 7:30pm CET
  • ESB Council on Sunday February 3rd starting at 3:00pm ET / 9:0pm CET

Tournament Page:



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Battlefy – Event Registration

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F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions



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