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Our Firesquad PC event opens up to more EU countries!

Our Firesquad PC event opens up to more EU countries!

We would like to announce that ESB Germany’s upcoming Firesquad PC Cup taking place on Sunday, April 28th, 2019 will now be open to a number of countries in the European Union.

The event is now also open to legal residents of the following countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

The goal of our ESB Communities program is to build local and sustainable competitive environments and events for Battlefield V and the future. While our commitment to our Communities program remains, due to the current state of the game for the competitive community, we will be making this exception to give more people a chance to participate.

Haven’t heard about our Firesquad event? Want to find out more? Visit: https://esport-battlefield.com/firesquad/

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  1. May i join the tournament from 28th of March?!

    Please write me back soon.

    Greetings Salvador.

    1. I am Mouhib Gouadria.I am 21 years old. I am a student at university of sports Gafsa,Tunis.
      As I will visit England this summer on the 29th of the month of july , I would like to participate in the championships you are organizing.
      I am very well skilled in the battlefield .I’ve been playing for 3 years I played all the special parts bf4 and bf3 and bf1 and bf5 Im very good at special tanks and aircraft i sent a message to join a team (SR) straight rivals and i want to join ahead of time I want the answer as soon as possible
      thank you

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