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ESB BFV Council #8 – Finalizing the 4v4 Rush Ruleset

Over the past month, over 60 teams across PlayStation and Xbox have been actively playing 4v4 Rush. With so many teams playing, we have noticed key problems in the ruleset that we would like to discuss and address before Season 4 starts. All teams that qualify for a 4v4 Division in Season 4 will beContinue reading

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ESB League – Welcome to BFV Season 4

  Together with Samsung, MSI, Gamers Apparel, DLC Studios, and Orisono, we are proud to present ESB League Season 4. We are ecstatic to work with these incredible brands to bring you our biggest Battlefield V event to date. Our focus this season will be creating an incredible 4v4 Rush European PlayStation event and showcaseContinue reading

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4v4 Rush – What’s next?

  Starting with Wednesday, January 27th, 2021, we will be releasing a 4v4 Rush Top 10 video every 2 weeks on our YouTube channel. We want to showcase your epic moments, whether it’s just a scrim or a Winter Cup match! Send us your plays, showcase your skills, and win awesome prizes! Starting in March,Continue reading

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Winter Cup Series – 4v4 Rush

Winter is around the corner, and so are our first 4v4 Rush events! Over the coming months, we will be hosting a series of One Day Cups (ODCs) designed to get the community playing, gather feedback and help us understand the interest there is for this format moving forward. Our initial focus for these cupsContinue reading

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Going Old-School: Introducing 4v4 Rush

Since Battlefield V was released, we have always wanted to have a competitive game mode that was fun to play and watch. While Squad Conquest has been a great place-holder, it has always missed those exciting and meaningful plays that make other competitive games enjoyable to watch.  Taking inspiration from old-school game modes like BattlefieldContinue reading

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