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[LOBO] Enrique Godínez González

[LOBO] Enrique Godínez González

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Since Nov 10, 2017



Enrique Godínez González




Xbox 1

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About Me

I’m an active soldier in the Battlefield since Battlefield 3.
Before that, I used to play Call of Duty Black ops (mostly zombies). So, one day, a school’s friend told me about the open beta of Battlefield 3 (still remember those great matches in Op. Metro), so I downloaded the beta and with just that, I fell in love with Battlefield. Since Battlefield 3 to nowadays, I’ve been playing and doing my best on action.

It was such my passion for this awesome game, that I decided to create a platoon called Anarquía Lobo México. The platoon was formed by 15 members (including me) and played some friendly matches and tournaments against other mexican platoons, but unfortunatly, only 4 of us stayed in the platoon for Battlefield 1.

I’m looking for a chance to be part of the Battlefield’s international community, and if possible, be part of tournaments so I can show the world that I’m a great player and in the Battlefield, a great soldier and squad member.

See you on the Battlefield brothers and sisters!!

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