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BF4 Summer Championship 2020 (PS4)

In just a few weeks, ESB turns seven years old! To celebrate this occasion, we are throwing it back with a Battlefield 4 event. Conquest (in various formats) has always been a big part of competitive Battlefield. Unfortunately, the lack of server options in Battlefield V has left one part of the community unsatisfied andContinue reading

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ESB League – Announcing BFV Season 2

The Season 1 playoffs are taking place this weekend, but that doesn’t mean we can’t already announce Season 2! We are excited to bring you a second Battlefield V season right away, with the hopes of proposing new formats in Season 3 this fall, once the Community Games update arrives in June. Season 2 (likeContinue reading

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ESB Top 5 Plays – Episode 1

Here are the Top 5 Plays of the Week from our Hardline Rescue Test Ladder. Sign-up today!

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ESB Allstars – Trailer

ESB and xEGA are proud to present their first All-Star event. On March 7th 2015 from 1-5pm EST we will bring together 40 of the best 5v5 Players from both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The whole event will be live-cast on by @SirWallen , @BrettFX and @CodeName_Deus . For more info about theContinue reading

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5v5 Winter Championship Final – Insight Gaming vs Team United

ESB is proud to present it’s 5v5 Winter Championship on Battlefield 4 for PlayStation 4. A weekend event from December 13th-14th in which 32 Teams faced off to win 670 Euros in cash and prizes. The tournament features a mix of Domination and Obliteration Competitive. This is our biggest event so far thanks to ourContinue reading

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