Playoffs – ESB & G4G Incursions Championship

How does the Championship Weekend work?

After 5 Weeks, the playoffs are finally upon us! The top 8 PlayStation 4 European Teams will take part in the upcoming playoffs event taking place this Saturday & Sunday (June 16th/17th). This article will provide more details on the Championship Weekend and how it works.

The Championship Weekend will be split between 2 days and we will be broadcasting live every match on the Sunday on our Twitch Channel ( Teams currently playing in ESB League Season 3 and that are playing in the playoffs, will receive a 3-Day extension to play their Sunday games.

The official bracket will be live on the Glory4Gamers website. Teams will be required to send in their final 5-man roster by Thursday June 14th 5:00pm CEST.

Dates: Saturday June 16th & Sunday June 17th
Times: 6:00 PM CEST on the Saturday, and 6:30 PM CEST on the Sunday
Format: Double Elimination Bracket / Every match is a Best of 3
Prizepool: 1000€ (Winner takes all)
Roster Size: 5 Players (No subs allowed)
Seeding: Rank obtained through the qualifiers will matter for the championship

Qualified Teams:

  1. eXistenZ
  2. ApeX e-Sports
  3. Guerrilla Warfare
  4. Lone Wolves
  5. FROGGIES Esport
  6. Strangers with Candy
  7. Team Vertex
  8. Team Hazard
This is what the bracket should look like. The times provided are estimates of how long each phase of the event will take.
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