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ESB Staff

ESB Staff

The Faces Behind ESB

Learn more about the people behind ESB, who are working day and night to bring you the best possible Battlefield eSports experience.

Manlio CodeName_Deus

CodeName_Deus is the founder of ESB International and President of the organization. He is a known and active player in the competitive community since BF3. His competences include developing & executing our tournaments and leagues, but also administrational tasks and business development. He is also part of the Incursions Game Changers run by EA and has been awarded the DICE Friend title in both BF4 and BF1.

Timothy TNRFX
Vice President

TNRFX joined shortly after the creation of ESB International in October 2013 and is part of the management and creative director. He is a former competitive player on BF3 and BF4. He works closely together with CodeName on administrational tasks and business development and handles & oversees all tasks related to graphic design, video production and platform development.

Tom Prince
Global Community Manager

As ESB Global CM, Prince is in charge of managing the whole ESB Community, supervising the work of all our national CMs. Playing competitive BF since 2012, he’s known for being one of the most expert leader and tactician on small scale competitive modes. He’s also the Founder and Community Manager of CIB – Campionato Italiano Battlefield, and the leader of team Lone Wolves.

Alex Speedy
Web Developer

Our Austrian staff member is our lead web developer. He is a professional TrackMania player and heavily involved in the eSport industry. He mainly works on the development and bug fixing of the ESB Hub and the ESB League platforms, striving to bring you the best possible experience on our websites.

Aaron BrettFX
Main Caster

Brett started out as a competitive player for Xfactors Minions in BF3. Moved into the position of community organizer for large scale events for team reddit for BF3 then moved onto casting. In BF4 he cast for multiple leagues like ESL, WEL, CEVO, and even ESB. He was one of three main community feedback reps that worked on Squad Obliteration and gave feedback for Spec mode. In BF1 he has been in several feedback sessions for spectator mode, cast with ESB and apart of the Incursions Game Changers program.

D. Carroll
English Community Manager

Carroll began to play Battlefield competitively on BF1, after getting scouted for GW and playing for them during their Hardcore Rush days. Carroll began to become more deeply involved with the clan and slowly became part of the command structure. From here he started to help transition GW from Hardcore into a more competitive scene, partaking in various leagues and tournaments. After some success Carroll was granted the role of becoming the leader of GW & it’s smaller competitive branch GWsk. Managing both the T5 team and overall community they had a really good season with the clan. GWsk won the ESB Winter Ladder and our community thrived.

Edouard Edkulator
French Community Manager

EdKulator is in charge of managing the French Community. He started playing Battlefield on BF3, and started competing during BF4 in conquest , when he created his teams – COS eSPORT and Upsilon (eCOS) – in 2012 , playing in all major events on PlayStation conquest . He’s led Team France for WNT in BF4.

Andre Terror
German Community Manager

He joined the competitive scene in CS 1.6 and later switched to COD: MW. After a long break, where he kept on showing interest in eSports, he came back on PS4 with Bf1, where he wanted to get more involved into. Beside being a fan of the BF series, he played every game since the first BF 1942, included every DLC.

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