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[uG] Unscientific Gaming

[uG] Unscientific Gaming

Clan History (English):

BF3 SteelSeries Cup 5v5 Squad Conquest —— 3rd

BF3 Nostalgia Cup 5v5 Squad Conquest —— 2nd

BF4 BFGA Cup 5v5 Domination —— 1st

BF1 Tieba Season 1 Invitation 12v12 Rush —— 2nd (Teamed with Clan: iLag)

BF1 MSI-Douyu AAA Game Season BF1 Cup 8v8 Rush —— 1st


战地3赛睿杯5v5 小征服联赛 第三名

战地3怀旧杯5v5 小征服联赛 第二名

战地4BFGA 5v5 抢攻联赛 第一名

战地1第一届贴吧12v12 突袭联赛 第二名 (与ilag战队组成联队参加比赛)

战地1第二届贴吧8v8 突袭联赛(*微星斗鱼AAA游戏季突袭联赛) 第一名


[uG] Unscientific Gaming

Founded by MagicalEight in 2012.


Public Team
Active 8 months, 1 week ago

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