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UPDATE: Further news about the Glory Series has been released.

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What exactly are the Glory Series?

ESB and G4G are proud to introduce league play to the Battlefield 4 console competitive scene. The Glory Series will be on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and will be available to players living in Europe, North America and South America.

The Glory Series are made up of 3 different categories, 5v5 North America, 5v5 Europe, and 15v15 International. Each Category features 2 divisions, each made up of 8 teams.

What do you mean League play?

Each Division will feature 8 teams, and span for 7 weeks. At the beginning of each season, every team will be given a list of who they play on any given week. As this is a league, every team has to play these matches, or face penalties.

For the 15v15 category, teams will play each other only once per season, meaning they will have 1 match to play per week (for a total of 7 matches in 7 weeks).

For both 5v5 categories, teams will be playing each other twice per season, meaning they will have 2 matches per season and feature Home/Away type games (for a total of 14 matches in 7 weeks).

What game modes will be played?

For the 15v15 category the main game mode will be Conquest Small, however as discussed in previous ESB Councils, some maps will feature the Conquest Large variant.

For both 5v5 categories, the initial rotation will be Domination/Defuse/Domination. DICE has mentioned that they are working on a 5v5 Obliteration variant, and we are very open to move towards a Domination/Defuse/Obliteration rotation once that happens.

How does my team qualify?

ESB and G4G will be hosting 2 tournaments per division to qualify for the Glory Series. This means that for each category, there will be 2 tournaments to qualify for Division 1, where the top 4 of each tournament will earn themselves a spot in Division 1, and there will be 2 more tournaments featuring the same format for teams to try and earn themselves a spot in Division 2.

If your team doesn’t make either division right away, don’t worry, you will still be able to work your way to the Division 2 of which ever category you chose to compete in. For teams not participating in either Division, will be hosting weekend cups every weekend for each of the 3 categories.

While you participate in these cups, your team will earn points based on how well you perform in each cup. At the end of the season, the teams with the most points will be earning themselves a spot in Division 2 of the category they have chosen to compete in.

Europe and Americas separated?

For 5v5’s, yes this is correct. This in fact does mean that for these categories teams will have to present either a fully European roster, or a fully American roster. No exceptions will be made. We understand that this may cause some initial problems for certain teams, however down the line this choice will make more sense.

There are various reasons behind this choice, which include aspects such as sponsorship, time zones, ping related issues, and organization for possible future LAN events.

ESB All-Stars

At the end of each season, ESB will be hosting an All-Star event, the community will be able to vote for their favorite players from each division in the last few weeks of each season.

For the 15v15 All-Star event, the community will vote for Team Captains and the 2 Captains will be able to pick their team from the community voted players.

For the 5v5 All-Star event, the community will vote for their favorite European and American players, and the event will feature the European All-Stars go vs the American All-Stars.

More details for this event will be released in the future.

ESB Game Center

As mentioned in the poster, Game Center will cover all 3 Division I Championships on a weekly basis, with:

  • Post Match/Tournament Discussions
  • Player Interviews
  • Top Plays

Teams will be able to submit their top plays at the end of each week, and we will create either a Top 5 or Top 10 compilation at the beginning of each week.

We will also be casting a lot of the matches, more info in the future.

A look into the future

For the first season, each division will be made up of 8 teams as stated above. We have to start small in order to see if there is an audience for such an event and how well it runs. If Season 1 does go as planned, then we will be expanding the team count to 12 teams per division starting the second season.

Will there be prizes?

Information about the prizes can be found here.

Interested in sponsoring this event? Contact us :

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