The return of ESB France & more!


Before going international and being where we are today, ESB started in France. The French community has always been one of the most passionate and involved group of players in esports, and it’s part of what inspired us to make ESB.

We are therefore proud to announce that ESB France is officially back!

We would like to use this occasion to also introduce ESB Communities. This program will focus on building local and sustainable competitive environments and events for Battlefield V and the future.

Our goal is to make sure that all players and teams are catered for, from the bottom-up. Whether you are a professional team or playing your first scrim, we want to build an environment where you can easily grow within your own local community and respective level.

The ESB Communities program will be gradually launching around the world, with Europe and South America being our initial focus, and other countries/regions to follow in the near future.

ESB South America actually launched this past June as we hosted our South American Incursions Championship on Battlefield 1 PC, with great success and an even greater response from the community.

Each ESB Community will have a dedicated section in our discord server where players will be able to speak their local language and interact with others from the same area. Visit the #get-a-role channel in our discord server to find out how to gain access.



F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this mean ESB will be hosting Nation vs Nation events?
    • No, ESB Communities isn’t related to National Teams and Nation vs Nation events.
  • What are the requirements to join a Community chat?
    • Players wishing to join a community chat have to either be from or living in the country/region the chat is dedicated to.
  • How do I join my Community’s chat?
    • Visit the #get-a-role channel in our discord server to find out how to gain access.
  • Can I join multiple Community chats?
    • No, we ask that players stick to the country/region they are living in as a priority.
  • I want my Country/Region to join the ESB Communities program. How can I request it?
  • I would like to be a moderator for my Community, how do I apply?
  • Can I use the logo of the ESB Community I’m part of freely?
    • We will be issuing a customizable template in the future for those wishing to represent their community on various social media.
  • Will there be platform-specific chats for each Community?
    • No, the platform chats and the community chats will remain separate.
  • Why is my country/region not on the list?
    • As this is an ambitious program to launch, our first priority will be taking care of the areas that have engaged the most with ESB up until this point. More countries and regions will follow in the near future.

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