The Return of ESB GameCenter Top 10

The Return of ESB GameCenter Top 10


At the start of Battlefield 4 we launched ESB GameCenter, which covered one of our events, the Glory Series with Weekly Highlights, Top Plays and Team Interviews.

We are now relaunching the Top Plays segment together with our newly released Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Rescue Ladders. Starting this Week we will start collecting footage from all current matches played on both our Rescue Ladders and we will compile them into a Weekly Top 10 or Top 5 depending on the amount of footage teams send over.

Our first show will air on May 3rd 2015, and will use footage sent by teams from April 20th-26th. Each week from Monday-Sunday we will collect footage for our new Episodes, so make sure you send in your footage and that it follows the requirements indicated at the end of the article.

The Show will last for 5 Weeks, at the end of which we will put together our Ultimate Top 5 for the season, with the winner receiving a small prize. During our Battlefield 4 edition we gave away a pair of KontrolFreeks, stay tuned for what we will be giving away this time around.

Send us your footage