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Community Games, 5v5s and Conquest Small

As you all know, Community Games have finally released! Despite the barebones release, the current features will still allow us to organize and run competitive events properly.

Like every year, we will be hosting test cups for various modes and team sizes, to help us test multiple aspects of the game and the available maps. This whole process will allow us and the teams to form a real opinion on various aspects of the game, before discussing and voting on the new ESB Rulesets in the upcoming councils.

For some teams, this process will feel natural, to others new and possibly tedious; however, we want to make sure everyone attending the Councils (and therefore voting on rules) to be as knowledgeable as possible on the topics we will be presenting and discussing.

5v5 Game Modes

One of the most popular formats is finally making its return. While Domination has been the go-to game mode for this format in both Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1, for some odd reason, it was designed for 32 players in Battlefield V. This means that playing with 10 players on maps designed for 32, isn’t doable, the maps are just too big.

The next best thing is going to be Squad Conquest, with maps like Provence or Operation Underground proving to be perfect fits for this format. It will be one of the main game modes that we will be testing in the coming weeks for this format.

We are also aware of some interest in testing 5v5 Rush. However, we still haven’t tested it enough to commit here, mainly due to the limited server options at our disposal.

12v12/16v16 Conquest

A classic competitive Battlefield experience that is loved by many is finally coming back. Over the years, there have been many formats played; 12v12s in Battlefield 3, 16v16 in Battlefield 4, and 12v12s in Battlefield 1 (and others).

In Battlefield V, the maps are relatively big, and going anything smaller than 16v16 may not be ideal. It is, however, something that we would like to test out properly at least once before making a final decision together with the community.

ESB Councils

We will be hosting two ESB Councils in the coming month. One for 5v5s and one for 12v12/16v16 Conquest. 

In these ESB Councils, we will be officially discussing and voting on any weapon/grenade/gadget bans and any map restrictions that need to be put in place for the 5v5 and Conquest scenes, respectively. Once the voting is over, we will be constructing the first versions of our official 5v5 and Conquest Rulesets, which will be used in our events once the test period is over.

More information on the upcoming Councils will be published as we get closer to the dates.


Schedule & Sign-ups

Note #1: Unless specified, each Cup has a Swiss Style Bracket, meaning each team will have 4-6 matches to play regardless of how many they Win/Lose.
Note #2: Each test cup will be hosted on Battlefy; however, the tournament pages won’t be visible until sign-ups open.
Note #3: Each test cup will be available for all three platforms (PC, PS4, & XB1).










  • Sunday, February 2nd, 2020 – 3:00pm EST / 9:00pm CET.
    • ESB Council – Defining the Conquest Ruleset (12v12/16v16)
      • The meeting will last roughly 1-2 hours based on attendance.






Battlefy – Team Creation


Battlefy – Event Registration



F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does each test cup last?
    • Each test cup is played on the same day; the average duration will likely be 4 hours.
  • What are the requirements to attend the 5v5 ESB Council?
    • Teams that would like to attend the 5v5 Council will be required to play in at least two of the three 5v5 test cups.
  • What are the requirements to attend the 12v12 ESB Council?
    • Teams that would like to attend the 12v12 Council will be required to play in both the Conquest test cups.
  • What regions can participate in the test cups?
    • The test cups are all open to both North American and European teams. If any other region would like to participate, please contact CodeName_Deus#0296 privately through Discord.
  • What about South America?
    • South American cups have been added! Check the schedule!
  • What about 8v8s? Is ESB abandoning them?
    • No, ESB isn’t abandoning 8v8 Squad Conquest. However, it is a mode that has seen a lot of testing done already. There will be an ESB Council to update our 8v8 ruleset in the future, but no news on that for now.
  • What about Frontlines?
    • In its current state, without being able to modify the round time, we believe that Frontlines isn’t playable (30 minute rounds means 1 hour per map). Once the server setting is available (allowing us to create 15-minute rounds), we will be open to testing Frontlines.

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