UMG Online – Defuse Ladder Spring 2014

UMG Online – Defuse Ladder Spring 2014

UMG Online is now a reality, a new space for teams from all around the world to compete on ladders and tournaments on the top PlayStation and Xbox titles.

While currently in a Beta until the end of the week, you can already start playing matches on both the PS4 and Xbox One Ladders. This way you can get used to the website and test it’s features out before it releases. The current ladders are in Beta, meaning that they will get reset once UMG Online officially releases it’s full website on Thursday April 24th. On this same day, their Battlefield 4 Spring Defuse Ladders will launch on both PS4 and Xbox One. These ladders will last for 2 months ending on June 24th, with prized playoffs soon after.

As of right now, both ladders are Defuse only due to the lack of servers. In the future, if the community keeps showing interest and activity in Battlefield 4, UMG Online will be expanding the game modes proposed once private servers arrive.

PlayStation 4 Ladder

Xbox One Ladder

On the PlayStation side of things, ESB will be collaborating with UMG Online in order to provide constantly updated rule sets that are generated from our ESB Councils, meaning that any concerns about rules or changes/glitches that new patches create will be tackled on a regular basis as usual. ESB will also be providing media coverage (casting, and more) throughout the season and  playoffs.

As mentioned above, the playoffs will be prized, and more details regarding exact dates and number of teams will be disclosed at a later date, however, we would like to mention that the more active the ladder is, the bigger the prizes will get.

So go sign your team up now at!

 and don’t forget to follow UMG Online on Twitter!

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