Weapon Guides & Stats

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In this section, you will find recommended weapon specializations trees to get you started together with Frame to Kill (FTK) charts if you want to understand how each weapon behaves in-game.

As always, we do recommend trying out multiple skill tree variations if you feel that certain weapons don’t match your playstyle as you gain more experience.

How to read the FTK charts for each weapon:

  • The hit-rater assumes perfect control of vertical recoil, aimed at center mass.

  • Each picture has four charts that are concatenated into one. The top two charts are for aimed down sights fire, and the bottom two are for hip-fire.

  • The left two charts measure the gun with full upgrades on the left side of the specialization tree (hip-fire upgrades, rapid-fire, etc.).

  • The right two charts measure the gun with full upgrades on the right side of the specialization tree (ADS accuracy upgrades, etc.).

  • Note that each chart assumes the enemy is at 100hp.


  • FTK: Frames to kill. To get TTK (time to kill), just multiply numbers by 16.66. Represented in colors, designated on the right side.

  • E[FTK]: Expected frames to kill. A value factoring in average time to kill and the probability of the 15 round burst actually killing the target.

  • U[FTK]: Average frames to kill. A value that is the mean of all the instances where the gun actually killed.

  • Frequency: The number of times a gun killed out of 100,000 (100K).