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Leagues & Tournaments

ESB regularly organizes leagues and tournaments, open to all who are signed up on the ESB platform. It's free!

Community Network

The ESB-Website offers a place to make new friends in the Battlefield eSports-Universe.

News Coverage

Be the first to know about upcoming changes and features to the competitive part of Battlefield!

Join our console communities.

Connect directly with other players on your platforms through our PlayStation 4 community and Xbox One club.


PlayStation 4

Join our PlayStation 4 Community. On your PS4, visit: >Communities > Search for "eSport Battlefield" >Join


XboX One

Join our Xbox One Club. On your X1, visit: >Community >Clubs on Xbox >Find a club, search "eSport Battlefield" > Join

Connect with us!

Join us on your favorite social and media platforms to stay up to date with Battlefield eSports.

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 Be a part of the ESB Universe!

ESB has more than a thousand of active players and dozens of competing teams on consoles. Time you sign up aswell!

From the News

Latest news, events, happenings.

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