ESB Approved

Welcome to the ESB Approved partner program! Our goal is to promote and assist community-run events that use ESB rulesets. While we can’t approve every single event out there, we will always do our best to support as many community organizers as possible. We want to reward event organizers who do things right and give them that push they might need to reach more people. Find out the benefits that our program offers, and the requirements to apply.

ESB Approved Benefits

  • Logo and description on this page.
  • Followed by all our official social accounts.
  • An article on our website detailing 1 upcoming event every 6 months.
  • Major events posted in our Event Directory.
  • Hosted by our Twitch channel when we aren’t streaming.
  • Social Media promotion for bigger events.
  • Event creation assistance from our Staff.


Basic Organization Requirements

  • Active for +1 years
  • Discord
    • Have an active server with at least 250 users.
    • Have a well-defined and visible, hierarchical staff structure.
    • Have a clear disciplinary ruling (code of conduct) with active moderators to enforce it.
    • Clearly marked support channels users can find any assistance they need in.
    • Clear platform roles for players (PS5/XSX – PS4/XBO – PC).
  • Twitter
    • Present and with logo, header and description.
    • At least 150 followers (either here or on FB).
    • Active at least monthly.
    • Follows the ESB Twitter account.
  • Facebook
    • Present and with a logo, header and description.
    • At least 150 followers (either here or on Twitter).
    • Active at least monthly.
    • Follows the ESB Facebook account.
  • YouTube
    • Present and with logo, header and description.
    • Actively being used to upload event match VODs (and stream, if not using Twitch).
    • Minimum amount of videos: 20.
  • Twitch
    • Present and with logo, header and description (unless you use YouTube to stream as well).
    • Actively used during events to broadcast matches.
  • Use of ESB rules for events (a very big plus).
  • Website (a big plus).

(Please note: ESB reserves the right to modify these requirements at any moment and without notice. We advise checking this page regularly for any possible updates if you are looking to apply.)



Fill out the form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!
(Please note: meeting our basic requirements doesn’t guarantee acceptance)

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