ESB & ESPORTSIFY – Giving your team a new identity


Giving your team a new identity

ESB and have decided to team up in order to help teams create a website to showcase their players, awards, and match results, but most importantly, a website every team can be proud of.

Having a team website means allowing your fan base to start truly building and following you. It gives a new identity to your team, and gives a place that even your own players can call theirs.


What does ESPORTSIFY bring to the table?

Esportsify gives you the power to fully manage your esports presence professionally and easily. With our long list of esports related features and themes there is literally no excuse not to be able to function like a professional esports organisation. Create your squads, manage your results and keep your fans up to date on the latest news, blogs and community events.

Esportsify is the only platform you need – create your site in less than 2 minutes, it’s free!


A Lifetime Discount!

With ESPORTSIFY believing in the growth of the console Battlefield eSport community, they want to be a key part of it, and are therefore offering all the ESB Community a 20% Discount for LIFE on ALL PLANS.



A Partnership for the future

[quote style=”1″ author=”Manlio – President at ESB”]ESB’s ambition is to become the main hub for battlefield esports world wide, and giving teams the correct visibility and recognition will be a big part of achieving this. I believe ESPORTSIFY will help us achieve that by helping teams create their own identities and allowing them to build their fan bases.[/quote]

[quote style=”1″ author=”- Vincent te Beek – Head of Operations at Esportsify”]We are thrilled to be partnered with one of the most active, engaging communities the Battlefield scene has to offer. By entering in this scene through a valued partner we would love to see more Battlefield teams being registered on Esportsify. Thank you ESB, Game on![/quote]


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