Battlefield 4 – PS4 8v8 Conquest Small


1.1 Restrictions (Not Allowed)


  • Shotguns (Including shorty 12g and M26)
  • All DLC Weapons
  • Pick-up Weapons


  • Slams
  • Javelins
  • Soflams
  • PLD
  • M84 Flashbang
  • Mortars
  • SUAV, UCAV, EOD Bot, T-ugs, MAV, Motion Balls, and Spawn Beacons
  • M320 Dart
  • XM25 (Except Smoke)
  • Claymores
  • ALL DLC Gadgets


  • Active/Passive Radar
  • Staff Shell
  • Gunner Soflam
  • Gunner Incendiary


  • Only 1 MBT/LAV may actively be used at any given time by a team.
    • On Maps like Golmud Railway where 2 MBTs spawn in your deployment, your team may use the second MBT as soon as your first one is destroyed.
  • Stealing vehicles from the enemy spawn (Base) is prohibited.
  • Flag Spawned Vehicles are allowed except for the ones listed in the BANNED section below.

(Entering/Spawning in/on a banned vehicle is prohibited, and counts as if the vehicle was used)

  • Mobile Anti-Air (MAA) – All Maps
  • M-142 Artillery – All Maps
  • Transport Helicopter – Floodzone
  • Jets – Dawnbreaker, Hainan Resort
    • This means Jets are only allowed on Golmud Railway & Rogue Transmission
  • Boat – Paracel Storm A Spawn


  • E Flag is banned on both Paracel Storm & Golmud Railway.


  • If a team violates a GADGET, VEHICLES, FLAGS or VEHICLE ACCESSORIES restriction, only the map the item was used on will be forfeited and not the entire match. 
  • If a team violates a WEAPONS restriction, a 25 Ticket Penalty per BANNED Weapon Kill will be applied. 
    • (This means that getting a kill with a – banned weapon no longer costs your team the map)
  • Teams will be required to report and provide proof of any rule infraction(s) at the end of the map in which the infraction occurred. Failure to do so can possibly void any penalty for the opposing team.

1.2 Maps


  • Zavod 311
  • Paracel Storm
  • Siege of Shanghai
  • Lancang Dam
  • Rouge Transmission
  • Dawnbreaker
  • Operation Locker
  • Golmud Railway
  • Hainan Resort
  • Flood Zone

1.3 Server Settings

  • Team Balance OFF
  • 3D Spotting OFF
  • Friendly Fire ON
  • Killcam OFF
  • Ticket Count 61%
  • Spectators OFF
  • Auto Rotation OFF
  • Slowdown ON

Burn Round must be set to Obliteration (Has to be a map from the base game). If asked by the ESB International Staff, you must make an X amount of spectator slots available for casting purposes.