8v8 Conquest – Ruleset & Council

8v8 Conquest – Ruleset & Council #9


With our 6th Season of ESB League, we have introduced an 8v8 division to the event, which has already started filling up and will be ready to launch on March 14th with all the other divisions.

However we realize that our conquest rules where created with 16v16s in mind and not 8v8s, and we are therefore proposing a new conquest ruleset dedicated to 8v8s and a new ESB Council this upcoming Saturday in order to discuss and vote on 8v8 rules in order to finalize a ruleset prior to Season 6 going live.

Our current proposed ruleset is a mix between our current 5v5 and 16v16 rules. Keep in mind that this ruleset ISN’T FINAL and will likely change after Sunday’s Council, therefore be constructive with the criticism ahead of the council.

All the information you need can be found below and in the other tabs in this article.


The meeting will be held on Saturday March 12th at 1pm EST / 7pm CET.

Click HERE to find out the exact meeting time in your location.


This ESB Council is open to all active competitive Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Conquest teams, however teams participating in the 8v8 portion of Season 6 will receive priority. Each Team will be allowed 1 to send one representative to the council.

The ESB Councils happen over TeamSpeak 3 (Download Link Here). The TS3 adress will be sent to you in the confirmation email or your Season 6 Leaders Group Chat.

Every team who wishes to attend must fill in and submit the form below, unless they have already signed up for Season 6. A confirmation email will be sent to you within 24-48 hours of signing-up.

Please make sure that you name on TeamSpeak3 matches your battlelog name when you join our server or you will not be moved to the correct channel for the meeting.

For this meeting 24 slots will be available for teams (12 for X1 and 12 for PS4), and we will give the actively competing teams priority over inactive ones. Confirmation emails will be sent to each team applying once their participation is confirmed.


Proposed Ruleset:


  • Shotguns (Including shorty 12g and M26)
  • All DLC Weapons
  • Slams
  • Javelins
  • Soflams
  • PLD
  • M84 Flashbang
  • Mortars
  • SUAV, UCAV, EOD Bot, T-ugs, MAV, Motion Balls, and Spawn Beacons
  • M320 Dart
  • XM25 (Except Smoke)
  • Claymores
  • ALL DLC Gadgets
  • Active/Passive Radar
  • Staff Shell
  • Gunner Soflam
  • Gunner Incendiary
Map Restrictions:
  • E Flag on both Paracel Storm and Golmud Railway


  • Team Balance OFF
  • 3D Spotting ON
  • Friendly Fire ON
  • Killcam OFF
  • Ticket Count 63%
  • Time Limit 34%
  • Spectators OFF
  • Auto Rotation OFF
  • Slowdown ON


Confirmed Teams

PlayStation 4

  1. mAAd B4LLERS
  2. EMPTY
  3. EMPTY
  4. EMPTY
  5. EMPTY
  6. EMPTY
  7. EMPTY
  8. EMPTY
  9. EMPTY
  10. EMPTY
  11. EMPTY
  12. EMPTY

Xbox One

  1. EMPTY
  2. EMPTY
  3. EMPTY
  4. EMPTY
  5. EMPTY
  6. EMPTY
  7. EMPTY
  8. EMPTY
  9. EMPTY
  10. EMPTY
  11. EMPTY
  12. EMPTY